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Dear Customers,


HR2B has reorganized. This letter is to introduce you to the new team and to assure you that it will be 'business as usual' in relation to your agreements with HR2B.


In order to achieve our goal of world class customer service, Ms Do Kim Thao has been promoted to "Director HR Services" with overall responsibility for Payroll, Staffing and other HR outsource services.


From today, Ms Nguyen Cao Khanh Ngoc is taking over the leadership role of "Customer Services Manager Payroll" and Ms Dinh Thi Vy Thi is taking over "Customer Service Manager - Staffing" and they will handle the responsibilities formerly handled by Ms Thao.


I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your cooperation with HR2B and we look forward to your continued business support in the future.


Please feel free to contact either of us with any queries you may have.


Ms Do Kim Thao

Director HR Services


Holds two BA Degrees in English and Administration. Has nearly 20 years working experience, 14 years in customer service roles with my unique background of process management, strong communication skill and team leadership will enable to ensure HR2B customers get world class service.

"I am looking forward to leading the HR Services with world class service of HR2B".


Contact +848 6288 3888 extension 850



Ms Nguyen Cao Khanh Ngoc

Customer Service Manager - Payroll


Holds Bachelor of Arts in English Linguistics and Literature. Has over 15 years working experience of customer service, HR strategy, employee engagement, training & development and compensation & benefits. Lived and worked in USA for over 2 years as Membership Service and HR Administrator.

"My unique background of payroll expertise, leadership coaching and strong communication skill will enable me to ensure HR2B customers get world class service".


Contact +848 6288 3888 extension 874



Ms Dinh Thi Vy Thi

Customer Service Manager - Staffing


Holds Bachelor of Business Administration and certification of International Human Resource Management. Has 13 years experience in which 6 years as Human Resource Manager. Strength in solving people's issue, Benefit & Compensation, Training & Performance management.

"I believe my solid experience in Human Resource Management and Customer Service mind will enable me to deliver world class customer service and operational excellence to our clients"


Contact +848 6288 3888 extension 815







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