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Talent Recruitment Joint Stock Company ("TRCJSC") and/or its subsidiaries, including but not limited to branches, representative offices, business locations, and/or subsidiary companies of TRCJSC ("TRCJSC" or "We"), solemnly pledge to respect privacy rights and protect your personal data.


The Personal Information Privacy Policy ("Policy") elucidates how We handle and safeguard your Personal Data in relation to candidate search processes and TRCJSC's recruitment programs for Third Parties (as defined in Section 1.6), who are partners and/or clients in need of candidate search services ("Services"). This Policy only applies to the Personal Data of job applicants, potential candidates for employment, or partners, and those who engage in providing Our Services.


By choosing to confirm and agree to the Policy when registering for an account, or giving your consent through your personal email, and/or through any other suitable form as prescribed by law, you have read, comprehended, and consented to the processing of your Personal Data as stated in this Policy, and TRCJSC is not obligated to provide prior notice before processing your Personal Data.


1.Definitions and Explanations:

1.1. "Policy" refers to the Personal Information Privacy Policy and any accompanying documents by reference, which may be modified as per the provisions of this Policy;


1.2. "You" or "Data Subject" refers to the individual whose personal data is reflected, including all candidates, individual customers using services provided by TRCJSC, and/or other individuals related to or arising from service provision or other legal relationships with TRCJSC.


1.3. "TRCJSC": is the Talent Recruitment Joint Stock Company and/or its subsidiaries, including but not limited to branches, representative offices, business locations, and/or subsidiary companies (if any).


1.4. "Personal Data" means information in the form of symbols, writing, numbers, images, sounds, or similar forms in an electronic environment related to a specific Data Subject or helping to identify a specific Data Subject. Personal Data includes both basic personal data and sensitive personal data specified in Sections 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 below.


1.4.1. Basic personal data: These are common identifying information that You provide to TRCJSC when using its services, including but not limited to: Last name, first name, middle name (if any); Date of birth; Gender; Place of birth, place of birth registration, current residence, contact address; Nationality; Personal image; Phone number, identification number, personal identification number, passport number, driver's license number, vehicle license plate number, personal tax identification number, social insurance number, health insurance card number; Marital status; Information about family relationships (parents, children); Information about individual account numbers; Personal data reflecting online activities, online history, such as IP address, cookies, information related to work-related social media accounts (Linked...), and accessed information; Information about educational background and work experience (including but not limited to degrees, attached certificates); Payment information, such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers; Any other data, information actively provided by You to TRCJSC during the service execution; Other personal information related to the Data Subject not listed in Section 1.4.2 below;


1.4.2. Sensitive personal data: These are personal data related to the Data Subject's privacy rights, including but not limited to: Health and medical information recorded in medical records and/or health examination reports; Information in judicial background reports provided by the Data Subject (if any); Information about the Data Subject's income; Information about ethnicity, religion, political affiliation that the Data Subject participates in (if any), and data generated/extracted from or related to technical systems (including devices, operating systems, browsers, IP addresses, other technical systems).


1.5. "Processing of Personal Data" means one or more operations affecting personal data, such as collection, recording, analysis, confirmation, storage, editing, disclosure, combination, access, retrieval, recovery, encryption, decryption, copying, sharing, transmission, delivery, provision, transfer, erasure, destruction of personal data or other related actions.


1.6. "Third Party": These are individuals, organizations not part of TRCJSC and legally bound to TRCJSC through contracts, agreements, or other commitments, including but not limited to customers, businesses, organizations in need of recruiting candidates for themselves.



2.General Provisions:

2.1. This Policy shall encompass:

  • The types of Personal Data processed by TRCJSC and the methods of processing such Personal Data;
  • The purposes of processing Personal Data;
  • The organizations and individuals related to the Processing of Personal Data;
  • The rights and obligations of the Data Subject and TRCJSC concerning the Processing of Personal Data;
  • The potential consequences and damages that may occur, along with the commencement and termination period of the Processing of Personal Data.


2.2. This Policy also regulates and governs the processing of personal data by:

  • Other relevant parties as determined by TRCJSC at different times: dependents, spouses, children, parents, authorized individuals, emergency contacts, and other individuals ("Related Parties").
  • By providing your personal data and/or the personal data of Related Parties to TRCJSC, you certify and warrant that: (i) you have obtained the consent of the relevant Related Party for the processing of Personal Data under the terms and conditions set out in this Policy, and (ii) you assume full responsibility for TRCJSC's processing of the personal data of the Related Party that you provide to TRCJSC.


2.3. The provisions regarding the Processing of Personal Data set forth in this Policy may be updated, amended, supplemented, or replaced by TRCJSC at different times, and shall be published by TRCJSC on the official electronic information page of TRCJSC ( ) and/or notified to You through other appropriate means of TRCJSC;


2.4. The provisions regarding the processing of Personal Data in this Policy are an integral and inseparable part to be read and consistently understood with any contracts, agreements, terms, conditions, and other documents established between the Data Subject and TRCJSC (if any);


2.5. By allowing TRCJSC to Process Personal Data, You fully understand and unconditionally accept all the terms referenced in this Policy and any subsequent changes (if any) thereto;


2.6. Your Personal Data may be transferred and processed outside the territory of Vietnam (including but not limited to activities involving the use of the internet, devices, electronic means, or other methods to transfer Personal Data outside the territory of Vietnam), for the Purposes and in the manner prescribed in this Policy. TRCJSC commits to fully comply with the regulations and compliance requirements of Vietnamese law to ensure the safety of Personal Data.


3.Purpose of Processing Personal Data:

With the aim of entering into, executing, managing, and terminating the performance of Services between You and TRCJSC and/or for the purposes of business, operation, management, and business activities of TRCJSC (hereinafter referred to as the "Purpose"), TRCJSC may Process Personal Data for the Purpose, including but not limited to the following Purposes


3.1. To identify, verify, and maintain accurate information about the Data Subject, including managing Your registered account on TRCJSC's website and/or the Personal Data You provide during the provision of Services;


3.2. To evaluate, select, recruit suitable candidates as per the requirements of Third Parties and/or handle related matters such as proposing job opportunities to You with Third Parties; conducting procedures and processes to arrange for the Data Subject to work with Third Parties; fulfilling declarations and reports to the authorities as required by law (if any);


3.3. To contact the Data Subject, including but not limited to sending information to you via telephone, email, or messages. The Data Subject agrees that during such communication, TRCJSC and/or Our personnel may lawfully disclose some information about Personal Data to ensure that You receive information from Us.


3.4. To publicize Personal Data on the TRCJSC website and/or provide Personal Data to other employers and/or Third Parties to create opportunities for You to find employment;


3.5. To store records of the Data Subject related to recruitment and/or the performance of Services, responding to legal requests from relevant Third Parties related to Your Personal Data;


3.6. To collect opinions of the Data Subject through surveys about the Services provided by TRCJSC or to perform statistical analysis related to the activities of TRCJSC;


3.7. To comply with court requirements or other legal procedures or other legal requirements and/or regulations of any government and/or management agency;


3.8. To perform internal administration, risk management, and compliance activities of TRCJSC, including but not limited to serving the needs of internal operations of TRCJSC or its subsidiaries;


3.9. To ensure the legitimate business purposes of TRCJSC in cases where TRCJSC deems it necessary, including but not limited to exchanging information with Third Parties and/or complying with agreements, legal contracts between TRCJSC and other Third Parties;


3.10. To verify the completeness and accuracy of data provided by the Data Subject to TRCJSC;


3.11. To fulfill reporting, financial, accounting, and tax obligations and perform auditing, risk management, and compliance activities of TRCJSC and/or Third Parties (if any)


3.12. Any purpose described for the Data Subject at the time of collecting Personal Data of the Data Subject;


4. Provision of Personal Data

To carry out the Purposes and activities of processing Personal Data under this Policy, TRCJSC may provide Personal Data to the following parties:


4.1. Any Third Party on behalf of TRCJSC to carry out activities related to the Processing of Your Personal Data to fulfill the Purposes stated in Section 3 above;


4.2. Any service providers, consultants, or parties cooperating with TRCJSC (including but not limited to employees, directors, executives); organizations as sellers, suppliers, partners, agents including but not limited to companies providing services, supporting the business operations of TRCJSC and/or Third Parties such as administrative service providers, recruitment agencies, human resources management, data processing, information technology, market research services, consulting services, and/or other relevant services to support the business operations of TRCJSC and Third Parties;


4.3. Any subsidiaries of TRCJSC and/or Third Parties; subsidiaries, joint ventures, affiliates identified by TRCJSC and Third Parties at different times;


4.4. Other relevant parties deemed necessary by TRCJSC to meet, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the Data Subject, TRCJSC, and Third Parties under legal agreements between Third Parties and TRCJSC;


4.5. Advisors and/or professional consulting companies of TRCJSC and/or Third Parties, including but not limited to accountants, auditors, lawyers;


4.6. Parties in transactions/anticipated transactions of purchase, sale, transfer, transfer of business and/or assets of TRCJSC (if any);


4.7. Any individual, competent authority or government agency or third party that TRCJSC is allowed or required to disclose under the provisions of the law or under any other legal contract or commitment between Third Parties and TRCJSC;


4.8. Any court, arbitrator, court of jurisdiction/court of execution that has authority/is required to enforce responsibilities from TRCJSC;


4.9. Other organizations, individuals as required by law;


4.10. Due to the scope of TRCJSC's operations, sharing Your Personal Data with organizations, service providers, and customers deemed as Third Parties may lead to Your Personal Data being sent to Third Parties outside the territory of Vietnam. Regardless of the location, TRCJSC will always protect Your Personal Data as described in this Policy and according to the current regulations of the law.


4.11. Any party that TRCJSC deems necessary for the purposes of processing personal data as described in Article 3.


5.Rights and Obligations of Data Subjects:

5.1. Except as stated in Section 5.3 below, TRCJSC respects and endeavors to safeguard the following rights of Data Subjects: the right to be informed, consent, access, withdraw consent, request data erasure, restrict data processing, provide data, object to data processing, file complaints, accusations, initiate legal proceedings, seek compensation for damages, and the right to self-protection under the law on personal data protection.


5.2. Obligations of Data Subjects: to safeguard their personal data; request other relevant organizations and individuals to protect their personal data; provide complete and accurate personal data when consenting to TRCJSC and/or Third Parties to process personal data; comply with the provisions of the law on personal data protection and other obligations as required by law.


5.3. To clarify, the rights of Data Subjects as mentioned in Section 5.1 above may be limited and/or TRCJSC has the right to refuse to fulfill the requests of Data Subjects in the following cases:


5.3.1. The requests of Data Subjects are unreasonable according to the provisions of the law or affect the legitimate rights of TRCJSC;


In case the Data Subject withdraws their consent, requests data erasure, and/or exercises other related rights regarding any or all Personal Data that affects TRCJSC's ability to provide/maintain services to the Data Subject and/or Third Parties, depending on the nature of the Data Subject's request, TRCJSC may consider and decide not to continue providing TRCJSC's services to the Data Subject


5.3.2. The Data Subject does not provide or provides incomplete, fraudulent documents, materials to verify identity, and/or in cases where TRCJSC assesses signs of fraud, non-compliance with the agreements in this Policy, or the provisions of the law on personal data protection.


5.3.3. The provisions of the law do not allow implementation according to the Data Subject's request.


5.3.4. Other cases under the agreement of both parties or according to the provisions of the law.


6.Rights and Obligations of TRCJSC:

6.1.Rights of TRCJSC:


6.1.1. Control, process Personal Data as mentioned in section 1.4 of this Policy according to the stated Purpose;


6.1.2. In case the Data Subject provides untruthful and/or non-compliant Personal Data according to the agreed-upon agreements in this Policy or violates the provisions of the law that affects TRCJSC's ability to provide/maintain services to the Data Subject and/or Third Parties, TRCJSC may consider and decide not to continue providing TRCJSC's services to the Data Subject. In that case, TRCJSC shall not be liable for any losses incurred by the Data Subject, and TRCJSC's legal rights shall be clearly reserved with respect to limiting, restricting, suspending, canceling, and preventing such Personal Data


6.2. Obligations of TRCJSC:


6.2.1. Implement protective measures for Personal Data with effort and a sense of responsibility, regularly review, update to ensure the rights of Data Subjects are not affected;


6.2.2. Process Personal Data securely, comply with the provisions of the law on the protection of Data Subjects' Personal Data;


6.2.3. Notify violations of the provisions on personal data protection as required by law;


6.2.4. Cooperate with the Ministry of Public Security, authorized state agencies in the protection of Personal Data, provide information to serve the investigation, handling of violations of the provisions of the law on personal data protection;


6.2.5. Other obligations as required by the current provisions of the law.


7.Time and Retention of Personal Data:

7.1. Processing Period of Personal Data: Depending on the specific activities for the aforementioned Purposes, Personal Data may be processed by TRCJSC and/or Third Parties after being provided, collected, and concluded upon the completion of processing data in accordance with the intended purpose or until Personal Data has been erased as required and/or requested by the current law or the Policies of the Parties.


7.2. Storage of Personal Data: Within the scope permitted by law, Personal Data will be stored and processed in Vietnam or abroad, including cloud storage solutions. TRCJSC will only transfer Personal Data of the Data Subject abroad when it complies with the provisions of the law on personal data protection.


7.3. Information about other organizations and individuals related to the Purpose: Personal Data may be shared with employees within TRCJSC and/or Third Parties, including but not limited to employees, management levels, and related departments to support the implementation of the Purposes.


8.Collection and Processing of Personal Data

Depending on the purpose of processing Personal Data, TRCJSC or the data processor of TRCJSC or Third Parties may collect and process Personal Data through appropriate methods, including but not limited to automatic collection, manual processing, or other methods in compliance with the provisions of the law and of TRCJSC and/or the legal agreement between TRCJSC and Third Parties for each period, specifically:


8.1. Through the established relationship between TRCJSC and the Data Subject when the Data Subject registers, uses any TRCJSC Services;


8.2. From electronic pages, TRCJSC's websites and/or communications between the Data Subject and TRCJSC;


8.3. From interactions or automatic data collection technologies: including IP addresses, referring URLs, operating systems, email clients, and any other information obtained from these systems;


8.4. Through receiving personal data from other Third Parties. TRCJSC, the relevant Third Party, commits and confirms that they have obtained the Data Subject's consent for: (i) providing personal data to TRCJSC; and (ii) processing data for TRCJSC's purposes according to this Policy;


8.5. From state agencies, competent authorities in Vietnam, and/or other sources as prescribed and permitted by law.


9.Consequences, Unintended Damages that May Occur

Processing Personal Data always carries the risk of data leakage or improper data handling. TRCJSC is aware of the importance and responsibility of protecting Personal Data, committing to apply appropriate protective measures as required by the current law and regularly reviewing, updating the optimal technical measures to ensure safety in processing Personal Data, making maximum efforts to prevent risks and limit any unintended consequences, damages that may occur, protecting the lawful rights and interests of the Data Subject and TRCJSC.

10.Other Agreements

10.1. By choosing to confirm and agree to this Policy when registering an account or confirming consent through your personal email or by any other means in accordance with the provisions of the law, the Data Subject acknowledges that they have been informed, aware, and agree to all the contents that need to be notified before TRCJSC processes Personal Data, as detailed in this Policy. The Data Subject agrees that TRCJSC does not need to re-notify before processing Personal Data;


10.2. This Policy is governed and interpreted under the provisions of Vietnamese law;


10.3. The Parties acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by all the provisions and conditions of this Policy;



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15.Contact Information

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