What do workers need to equip themselves before the storm of layoff?

In early 2023, a strong storm of layoff took place, causing many workers to fall into difficulties. Although this wave has decreased, in the current economic situation, being "fired” from the company is still very easy. So what do workers need to prepare themselves for unemployment? Let’s find out with HR2B through the article below. 
Reason for you to be likely on the "dismissal” blacklist
This is considered the first and foremost reason why you may most easily get on the dismissal list. No enterprises want to retain an employee who has a superficial attitude or pushes responsibilities at work. Because of such employees, the operations of the enterprises will be affected.
Frequently arriving late or taking many days off

Being late to work always makes you lose your points – Photo: Internet
Most enterprises allow the employees to be late or take time off for personal problems. However, if you do this repeatedly, the Department of Human Resources will notice, and when the layoff comes, you will likely be at the top of that list.
Lack of expertise
Expertise is the condition that the enterprises always focus on at the present time. Therefore, if you are working in a department in need of specialized skills to handle work at all times but have somewhat weak expertise, be prepared!
Lack of enthusiasm
With the current economic situation, the enterprises always prioritize the employees with seniority and positive working attitude. If you often show boredom with work or often "give” tasks to others, you will be easily be targeted by your boss.
Keys to be prepared by workers before the storm of layoff
In addition to the reasons above, there are many other reasons why you are removed from the enterprises. The hereinafter is the "keys” that you need to prepare immediately to be more resilient in the face of mass layoff.
Sense of perseverance and patience
During the current economic crisis, all enterprises have been facing difficulties. Therefore, work during this time will have a lot of pressure, stress and even conflicts between departments. Thus, you should be very persistent and patient in finding ways to solve the tasks. At that time, the leaders will also see your efforts for their enterprises.

Trying and preserving to find a better way to solve the tasks – Photo: Internet
Ready for another role
When the enterprises encounter profit problems, there will certainly be layoff and choice to retain versatile employees. Therefore, when being transferred to another department or taking on another role in the enterprises, be ready. This is not only a test for the leaders but can also be an opportunity for you to improve your skills and profession.
Expertise improvement
Previously, you had solid expertise. However, if you do not continuously update or improve further, you may still be put on the dismissal list. Therefore, you should continuously consolidate your professional knowledge and you can participate in additional courses to further upgrade yourself. This is considered the "key” to help you stay in the enterprises.
Updating new trends and technology
Nowadays, the enterprises have to constantly innovate to better suit the market and a leader always needs the employees who are able to accept and apply new things to their work. Therefore, in addition to improving your professional knowledge, you should also update new trends or technologies related to industry or enterprise. This will help you have new thinking and knowledge that can support your work more or less.
Hopefully, through this article, HR2B will help workers feel less worried about the situation of layoff and seize the opportunities for career development.

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