HR2B Story

About HR2B?

HR2B is a Vietnamese Human Resource Company run to international standards. Since 2003 HR2B has been helping our clients with their human resources management needs. HR2B has become a leader in the Vietnamese market. Our combination of deep market knowledge, strict process control and international standard customer care has earned us a strong reputation as a valued business partner.

A professional working environment: all employees currently working at HR2B are well-trained, University graduate or above and have at least 5 years of work experience.HR data storage management and payroll software systems monthly give results with high accuracy. Besides, HR2B is currently apply and maintain a hybrid working environment which is flexible that promoting creation skill, improving management ability and teamwork between department in our organization

Hybrid Workplace Flexibility

More work-life balance

  • Employees have more sleep Improve health, wellness, fitness.
  • Eat fresher & healthier, do more exercises.
  • Be happier in their life.
  • Less commute stress.

More flexible work location

  • Candidates could choose which location (office / house) is more flexible for themselves by daily, weekly follow up by their company labor law guidances.
  • Set up your home office & make it whatever you want

More productivity & performance

  • Employees have less time transportation daily so that remote work allow HR2B staffs focus on performance fully.
  • Fewer distraction increase productivities.

Our Benefits


The income level for each position is set at a competitive level compared to the market average; High welfare policy, many good benefits compared to the market; Diverse welfare regimes to ensure the health and safety of employees (pay social insurance 100% of salary, personal health insurance, sick leave according to company policy)


Employees have the opportunity to participate in national and international seminars to continuously improve and hone their knowledge. Participate in internal / external training courses organized by the Company


The development and promotion of each individual is also the success of the Organization. The company always encourages and motivates employees to develop personal career opportunities; Employees have the opportunity to be challenged in many different positions in the Company, in accordance with their capacity and personal development orientation.
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