[WEBINAR] - Recruitment market for 7x , 8x . What should you prepare if you are or will be in this situation?




Older candidates are a factor that many employers consider when looking for employees. They are being considered a group of experienced subjects, but they also have certain difficulties in their work.


Let's find out what it's really like, and this is also the topic of this 11th webinar, HR2B is pleased to invite two representatives from two large corporations, IPP Group & Cental Retail Vietnam, to share their real experiences on this topic on Thursday, July 27th, 2023. HR2B looks forward to receiving your support and quickly registers to attend this program.


2:00pm - 3:00pm
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* This webinar will be recorded and free of charge.


  • Introduction : overall & key-speaker
Ms.Hai Nguyen
ESS Manager HR2B
  • Recruitment needs at companies.
  • Solutions and opportunities for this target group.
Ms. Loan Nguyen
Talent Acquisition Manager
IPP Group
  • What does the younger generation need to equip for the upcoming journey?
Mr. Duy Truong
HRBP Assistant Manager
Central Retail
  • Q&A



With over 20 years of experience in the HR field for companies regarding logistics, service and headhunting.
1. Internal

  • TA & OD Manager at ABA Cooltrans
  • TA Senior at Bureau Veritas
2. Headhunt
  • ESS Manager at HR2B, CxO Search and We Connect


Ms. Hai Nguyen
ESS Manager
(Manufactory & Industry)


Talent Acquisition & HR Business Partner
Account management, customer services, sales
Current: Talent Acquisition Manager at IPPG (retail, real estate, logistics, air cargo…)
Previous experience:

  • Novaland, Nam Long (real estate)
  • QSR (F&B)
  • RGF, Talentnet, First Alliances (Person Kelly)- headhunt service
  • FE Credit- VPBank (banking-finance)
  • Hakuhodo (advertising agency)
  • Danuvina (manufacturing)


Ms. Loan Nguyen
Talent Acquisition Manager
IPP Group



  • Current: HRBP Assistant Manager at Central Retail in Vietnam (Property Business Unit)
Previous experience:
  • 7-Eleven Vietnam
  • ACFC Vietnam


Mr. Duy Truong
HRBP Assistant Manager
Central Retail



Any support, please contact to Ms.Ngoan Le via:
Email: ngoan.le@hr2b.com
Phone: 0933 77 6433 or +84 (0) 28 6288 3888/ Ext: 890

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