Way to classify candidate types in the interview

Each candidate in the interview will have a different career goal and different interests. Employers should properly evaluate their qualities, skills and needs to see if they match the job criteria that the organization is looking for. The following is the secret to classifying candidate types for your reference.
Good salesperson
Are you looking for a good salesperson who always puts sales and money goals first? Evaluate his / her skills and experience through his / her CV as well as his / her answers in the interview. Focus on his / her strengths which are the negotiation ability, the fond of meeting customers and the incessant striving to achieve sales goals.

Ways to classify candidate types in the interview – Photo: Internet.
Responsible person
At work, everyone makes mistakes sometimes. People who are willing to admit mistakes and make efforts to fix them are the ones your organization needs to look for. 
The candidates will answer in the interview that they are not afraid of making mistakes, but after that, they will learn a lesson. Ask them to provide evidence to prove their sense of responsibility at work.
Loyal personnel
The employees who are loyal, committed and devoted to the company will help the company develop sustainably. Any company is looking for such personnel. If you see a candidate who demonstrates a deep understanding of the employer, especially the mission and the core values, they are definitely someone who has a genuine interest in your organization. 

Loyal employees are those who research carefully about the employer – Photo: Internet.
If you are looking for a candidate to take on a new project, look for someone who has the ability to contribute and is not afraid of challenges. Specifically, positive energy, knowing how to set goals, building plans for implementation and commitment. 
Person wishing to develop
This type of candidate often enjoys a job with many challenges and opportunities. For example, they will show you that they are people who want to learn new things. Income is not the factor they always put first. Their important thing is the knowledge and skills they accumulate every day. 
With this type of candidate, you should show them the personnel training roadmap and the advancement if they become the employees of the company.

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