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One More Report for Employers.

Circular 04/2013/TT-BLDTBXH allows your ex-employees a longer time to register for Unemployment Allowance and requires you to make another monthly report to the authorities.

Circular 04/2013/TT-BLDTBXH dated 1 March 2013 issued by The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare applies from April 15 2013.

Employee - Increase Time to Register

Under the new circular an unemployed person now has 03 months from the end date of their previous employment to register for Unemployment Allowance.

The Unemployment Agency will issue an approval for a regular Unemployment Registration in 20 working days. The approved decision will be canceled if unemployed person comes to receive decision 02 days late.

In case of unemployed person offers to transfer the Unemployment Allowance to other Unemployment Agency, that person has to take the introduction of current Agency and submit it to desire Agency within 10 working days.

Employer - Monthly Report

Under the requirement of the Circular at Item 9 of article 1, the Company has to comply a new procedure to authority and proceed following steps:

● Initial registration of all employees subject to Unemployment Insurance to the local Unemployment Agency;

● Monthly report of new employees and leaving employees by the 25th day of each month.

How will this change affect your Company?

The Company has to comply a new procedure and report to a new Agency of Government monthly. The Company accordingly must keep track of new employee and leaving employee in order to declare to authority.

How will this change affect your Leaving Staff?

For Staff leaving your employment they now have a longer registration period for claiming the Unemployment Allowance.

What do you need to do?

If you are the customer of HR2B, you do not need to do anything. As an outsource staffing company, HR2B will create this new report for you without increasing your fee.

Customer should be aware this new procedure and support HR2B on signature and stamp arrangement so that HR2B can submit all required document on time.

HR2B Payroll Specialist is available to answer any questions you may have about these changes.

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Check your procedure to make sure you are compliant.

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