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Previously, with the unilateral termination of the labor contract the employee had to be certified by the employer in order to be eligible for unemployment insurance (UI).

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The new Decree forces employers to provide the employee written certification of the unilateral termination, and to close the Social Insurance books of the person, even if the employer does not accept the resignation. This protects employees from employers who hold their Social Insurance paperwork to ransom.

Also from 15/1/2013 the UI registration deadline will be extended from 7 days to 3 months from the date of termination of the labor contract. This longer time period makes it easier for employers and employees to comply with the law.

HR Professional Check List

  1. Change your procedures for the extended UI registration deadline;
  2. Where an employee resigns, make sure they get all their insurance paperwork;
  3. Communicate this change to your managers and explain that paperwork can no longer be held to force employees to ransom;
  4. Follow HR2B community for further updates.

If you are the customer of HR2B, you do not need to do anything. As an outsource staffing company, HR2B will take care of all the procedures to support your employees and make sure everything is done correctly and in accordance with law. If you are not a client of HR2B, please call us to know HR2B service of Staff outsourcing in Vietnam can help you what and regularly update the latest changes of the regime of the law of Vietnam.

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