Types of RPO in the Vietnamese market


Vietnamese enterprises with large scale and strong financial potential need to recruit many personnel. RPO service were born to help solve the problem of recruiting large quantities with urgent needs and cost savings. Let’s learn about the most popular types of RPO in the Vietnamese market today with HR2B!


Types of RPO in Vietnam
RPO is a recruitment process outsourcing service. Specifically, the RPO unit will perform on step or the entire recruitment process for the corporate customers. 
Full RPO service
A full RPO service provider will provide the enterprises with a recruitment team to find the desired candidate. The recruitment team of RPO will work at the enterprises (customers), as their HR staff when recruiting candidates. This recruitment process will end when all positions that the enterprises need are filled. 

Full RPO type provides recruitment team for customers
Partial RPO service
Partial RPO providers will only perform a certain part / stage in the recruitment process depending on the requirements of the enterprises (customers). It can be one of the stages of searching candidates, screening candidates, interviewing, assessing capacity, creating candidate sources, …
Project-based RPO service
The RPO unit will recruit necessary positions for the project in accordance with the requirements of the enterprises, and ensure commitment to quantity, location and time of recruitment.
What types of RPO should enterprises use?
  • For the enterprises accessing RPO service for the first time and not being sure about its effectiveness, you can choose partial RPO. This also helps you gradually assess the quality of the RPO unit as well as gradually switch to using full or project-based RPO types.
  • Startup enterprises should also cooperate with a full RPO provider to spend resources and time focusing on their main affairs, which both reduces the cost of maintaining a cumbersome HR apparatus, and makes use of the advantages of a recruitment service provider. 

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