Tips for successful payroll outsourcing

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Consider a couple of things below to ensure a successful relationship with a payroll provider:

Determine an effective payroll schedule

There is no guarantee that you are able to find a payroll partner securing timely support in the evenings or on weekends. Payroll management process via a third party is bound to be slower than being handled by a dedicated in-house staff. Also, you may not get immediate response to any arising inquiries. Hence, if there are any unclear issues related to payroll tax records, you must contact the payroll company as soon as possible to avoid late payment.

Frequently check payroll management process

Trusting a new provider without double-checking their work can expose your company to unexpected risks. Therefore, after several payroll runs, you must make sure that the payroll process:

  1. Deducts all withholding taxes
  2. Ensures the highest level of accuracy
  3. Facilitates employer’s accessibility to all payrolls

Notify internal employees of changes in payroll process

As salary is a sensitive topic, all employees must be kept informed of any payroll process adjustments, particularly what functions remain internal and what is being outsourced. If your service provider adopts a new payroll system, make sure your employees are trained to use payroll tracking software.



Maintain regular communication with your payroll provider

Staying in touch with payroll partners on a regular basis will help your business efficiently update changes, fix payroll errors, and enable prompt response to arising problems.

Developing a good relationship with service providers is also an effective way to better manage your company’s payrolls in a precise and timely manner.

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