Secret to repelling laziness when working from home

When it comes to "Working from home”, many people think it is comfortable and does not need to follow any rules. For example, being able to sleep in, wearing whatever you like, eating whenever you are hungry, … However, the biggest drawback is that you may easily fall into a state of laziness, lack of concentration, and stagnant work. So how to repel laziness when working from home? The answer is to find roots of the problems and solve them one by one.
Case 1: You wear home clothes when working
Many people work at home, sitting in front of the computer screen in rather shabby pajamas. Although it makes you comfortable and saves time choosing and changing clothes, it unintentionally affects your working spirit.

Wearing clothes at home unintentionally affects working spirit – Photo: Internet.
After waking up, you are still quite tired. If you drag your pajamas to your desk, it is like letting your lethargy follow you all day.
Tip for improvement: As soon as you get out of bed, take a few minutes to clean yourself, eat breakfast and then change into another outfit, no need for business clothes but it is still neat and serious enough. All will help your brain turn on the signal to start working.
Case 2: You are idle, sitting at your desk
Work from home is mainly done via computer, no need to meet customers, partners or communicate with colleagues. Therefore, many people sit in their rooms all day, and are lazy to even stand up. Over time, you may run out of energy.

Sitting at your desk idly makes you more stagnant – Photo: Internet.
Tip for improvement: Go to the yard, balcony or terrace to stretch and breathe the fresh air as a way to change your state, or you can go to the kitchen and make a cup of tea or coffee to stay awake. Moving from the office to the living room, balcony, yard or kitchen, ... will help you interact with many things around you, contributing to stimulating thinking and creativity.
Case 3: You are exhausted
Sometimes you work too much and too hard, so your body becomes exhausted. Suddenly one day you do not want to touch anything. That is a sign that the body wants to go on strike. In accordance with many studies, working from home is more effective than at the office. However, being too focused, forgetting time, and having messy living activities also makes you easily fall into a "lazy" state.
Tip for improvement: Even if you are working from home, you should build a schedule, specifically the time to start work, the time to take a mid-shift break, the time to take a lunch break and the time to end work. Do not stay up too late and then wake up in the morning with a tired body. Getting enough sleep will help you prepare abundant energy for the new day.
Hopefully the information shared above will help you improve the quality of working from home. At the same time, you no longer feel low in mood when working from home.

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