Secret to eliminating stress when working from home

Many people believe that only working in the office and being under the direct supervision of a manager will cause stress and fatigue. However, you may also experience stress even at home, where you feel most comfortable. 

So how to avoid stress and not to affect your work performance and life when working from home? HR2B will reveal to you soon!
Eating healthy and nutritious food
Diet and stress are closely related. An erratic and unscientific diet will cause your health to decline, affecting your spirit as well as your ability to resist stress. When you are overloaded with work, you may also eat uncontrollably, with lots of greasy foods and sweets, which stimulate the brain and cause more stress.

Therefore, you should pay attention to adding healthy main and secondary foods to your menu such as: fruits, vegetables, fish rich in Omega-3, nuts containing many antioxidants, …
Practicing good habits regularly
A scientific schedule with good habits will help you have a good spirit to work. In particular, it also reduces the risk of dementia while increase the ability to adapt to changes in the environment, avoiding falling into a state of anxiety. 
Besides a moderate lifestyle such as going to bed, waking up and eating on time, you need to increase exercise and participate in recreational activities such as planting trees, cooking, reading books, making tea, … All are on a schedule, filling in the gaps and not giving stress a change to get in.
Exercising every day
Increasing your physical fitness by exercising will help you create positive energy. The exercise process will help produce happy hormones, thereby eliminating fatigue and stress. A healthy body creates a clear and bright mind that can overcome stress.
Practicing deep breathing
Concentrate on deep breathing to help stabilize heart rate and blood pressure. At the same time, the muscles are let loose, helping you relax and send a signal to stay calm in all matters. 
Hopefully the tips by HR2B will help you have good health and spirit to work effectively, free from the distraction of stress.

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