Performance assessment method for employees working from home

With employees working in the office, managers will easily observe and monitor work. However, for employees working from home, the difficult problem is how to grasp progress and give accurate feedback.
The following are suggestions to help you assess the performance of the employees working from home, and motivate the subordinates to develop well even while working from home.
Self-assessment sheet
Periodically, the managers will send a self-assessment form to the employees working from home. The self-assessment sheet will include items such as work content, achieved results, things to be improved, outstanding achievements, …

Performance assessment method for employees working from home – Photo: Internet.
Thereby, the employees will look back at what they have done and what they should make efforts at work. At the same time, the managers can collect the opinions from the employees before making the final assessment.
Assessment sheet
The managers should create an assessment sheet with specific criteria that can quantify or measure the work quality and progress. Some factors should be included in the sheet such as: Results achieved, diligence, professional skills, discipline, working spirit, … 
Please send this sheet to all members working from home, so they can understand how the managers score them at work. Positive assessments will motive the employees to continue contributing. Bad assessments will be something that the employees should fix.
Face-to-face dialogue
The employees will feel pressured if the manager only gives one-sided assessment. The best solution is to create a dialogue, be it online or offline, so that the managers and the employees can share openly with each other.
Taking the time to listen to the opinions from the employees is an opportunity for you to understand them better, thereby encouraging and motivating the employees to work even better. At the same time, provide a roadmap to help them develop more in the future.
Hopefully the methods shared by HR2B above will best support the managers in assessing the employees working from home accurately and transparently.

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