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Salary calculation is a monthly activity repeated by any business using employers in the process of running the business but not simply an Excel spreadsheet, requiring employees in charge to have a thorough understanding of the Labor Law, Tax, contract terms, ... In recent years, the increasing need of external payroll services for businesses, so what are its benefits? 


Help businesses save costs 

Payroll service helps businesses save costs


It is more suitable for small and medium-sized businesses to hire a payroll company instead of hiring one or several full-time employees for this kind of work. Businesses need to pay monthly a moderate cost only without having to worry about recruiting or replacing, transferring personnel for this task.

Reduce the risks of business

Foreign enterprises that found initially offices in Vietnam will have difficulties in using Vietnamese labor due to the complex provisions of the Labor Law. With many years of experience in their field, Payroll Outsourcing companies, experts with a full range of certificates and understanding of Vietnamese laws and regulations on labor and tax, will help businesses solve this problem correctly.

Many businesses face forensic problems with paying their employees


It is better for new businesses do not have much experience in managing and operating to use an external payroll service, reducing risks, they just need to focus on activities that bring real profits.

Payroll service ensures accuracy and punctuality

Today, one of the most effective solutions for many businesses is using reputable payroll service companies having strict process and secured security systems.

External payroll services are getting more and more popular with businesses


Because the payroll service will eliminate the problem related to complex administrative activities, businesses have more time to focus on developing and manufacturing products and services that create benefits and value. If you haveany concern or questions with regard to this matter, do not hesitate to contact us.



High accuracy: HR2B has performed 500,000 salary management transactions with 99.95% accuracy and 99.98% punctuality.

HR2B's professional staffs are always looking for solutions to simplify the salary management activities with the aim of ensuring the accurate and timely payment of employees to detect and solve quickly problems arising.

With nearly 15 years of experience, HR2B's payroll systems and processes are regularly inspected and improved to deliver the best quality.

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