New Region Minimum Wage from January 1 2014

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Today the government announced a 14-17% increase in the minimum wage applicable to all private business in Viet Nam as below:

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Where Current From 1/1/2014 % increase
Region I 2,350,000 2,700,000 14,8%
Region II 2,100,000 2,400,000 14,3%
Region III 1,800,000 2,100,000 16,7%
Region IV 1,650,000 1,900,000 15,2%

From 01/01/2014, the minimum wage applicable to private business will increase from 14% to 17% compared to the old.

Specifically, the Region minimum wage is applicable to businesses operating in the Region I, will increase from VND2,350,000 to VND2,700,000, an increase of VND350,000.

Similarly, the business operating in the Region II, will be applied the minimum wage was VND2,400,000, an increase of VND300,000.

Enterprises of Region III will apply the salary of VND2,100,000 up from the previous VND300,000 and Region IV is VND1,900,000, up from the previous VND250,000.

See Decree 182/2013/ND-CP and the list of localities belong which region as the following link:

The minimum wage covers employees working in enterprises, cooperatives, cooperative groups, farms, households and individuals and the agencies and organizations that hire employee.

HR Professional check list

  1. Identify who in your organisation needs to adjust salary.
  2. Prepare a proposal for your board of directors / management to ensure there are salary funds available for the increase;
  3. Communicate the change to your affected staff.
  4. Check January payroll for compliance.

If you are the customer of HR2B, we are ready to help you for any query concerned to this matter. Moreover we could assist you to check your all employee who has salary wage under new region minimum wage and inform to you for your next action to make sure everything is done correctly and in accordance with law.

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