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HR2B Family Day 2019
21 June, 2019 388
From today, Ms Đoàn Thị Kim Anh is taking over from Ms. Huỳnh Thị Bảo Trân as the leader of the Staff Outsourcing Service of HR2B. Ms Tran has left HR2B after 3 years to continue her career in-house at the client site.

On behalf of HR2B, Mr. Tom Vovers, General Director of HR2B introduce Ms  Kim Anh to all customers and assure that all acitivites will be 'business as usual' in relation to agreements with HR2B.

Tom also takes this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the cooperation with HR2B and look forward to thier continued business support in the future.
If you any queries, kindly contact Mr. Tom or Ms. Kim Anh for more information
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