Must-know breaches of HR regulations and their implications

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Human resources regulations breaches can have costly repercussions for businesses. Here are some frequent infringements and their corresponding implications that businesses should be aware of.
Wage violation
Paying employees the same rate for all hours worked could be considered an HR violation. Imposed penalties may vary depending on whether the employer intentionally committed the offence or not.
Recruitment violation
If an interviewee can demonstrate that they were rejected for a position due to their race, marital status, gender or religion, this could be considered a recruitment violation. As a result, employers would be forced to pay a substantial legal fine for this violation.
Common Breaches of HR regulations  are common and their consequences that businesses should know. (Source: Internet)

Workplace discrimination
Employers could be investigated in case of employee discrimination regarding their age, nationality, gender or race. If it can be proven that an employee has been treated unfairly on the basis of any of the aforementioned reasons, the employer would be investigated and sued for an HR violation at workplace.

Bonuses and commissions
Employers could violate HR laws if they refuse to pay the promised commissions or bonuses to employees as sales goals are achieved.
False report
This type of HR violation occurs when an employer fails to report overtime or ignores it on the grounds that they are not authorized. Employees must be compensated for overtime, regardless of whether the work has been approved (or scheduled) or not.
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