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Passion is a powerful motivation when pursuing a common goal. And so, the organizations can accomplish the goals they have set out, also, the employee will be enthusiastic, full of energy and jointly cooperate to achieve the common goal of the organization

Passion - Source: Internet

Passion - Source: Internet

1) To achieve success, one shall need the following factors:

To achieve success - Source: Internet

To achieve success - Source: Internet

  • The company has to set a clear mission, vision, and strategy
  • The mindset and action of a leader contribute to the success of the group
  • The connection between the company and like – minded employees contributes to the work values.

2) How to combine one’s passion and purpose to create success as well as achieve high performance during work:

Passion and Purpose - Source: Internet

Passion and Purpose - Source: Internet

Why are employees constantly demand company's attention regarding the salaries and allowances or material benefit which they wish to receive from the company rather than questioning themselves "How to be pleased with the current situation?” or "how can they improve more to serve their job?” Therefore, passion always comes with the purpose as well as the building and promotion method of passion and enthusiasm of employees for work development. As a result, establishing a corporate culture which can boost and cultivate worker passion is necessary and highly recommended. This task can only be done with the consensus and implementation from the company’s board of management Identify and care for passionate and progressive workers, encourage and put investment in them to contribute to the individual development and success of the Company. The most important thing is that a good leader can evaluate and recognize the values and potentials to be exploited to promote and facilitate employees to unleash their passion.

3) The necessary things to achieve effectiveness regarding the potential release are:

  • Employ right person for the right job
  • Understand the nature and core value of team members
  • Award and recognize their effort
  • Inspire them to continue devoting and promoting their capabilities
  • Encourage the act of sharing and honesty in the team
  • A successful leader is a caring, sharing person and spends time appearing and supporting to instruct employees of departments when necessary

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