Impact of COVID-19 on recruitment situation of businesses in Vietnam

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Since WHO officially announced the global COVID-19 epidemic, 66 countries and territories have been affected so far. The rapid spread of the new strain of coronavirus raises fears of disease worldwide. COVID-19 has also been affecting the economy as well as the productivity of businesses that are operating in Vietnam. 

So how does COVID-19 affect the recruitment situation in the next 6 months of Vietnamese businesses?

HR2B also had a quick survey on the impact of the disease on recruitment situation of businesses. We have done it with more than 100 businesses who are partners of foreign companies using HR2B’s recruitment service. The results showed that, 86% of businesses said that their recruitment plans were not greatly affected by the epidemic situation. Because most businesses use recruitment services from outsourced services. However, the recruitment process was longer than usual due to some objective reasons such as the work schedule, the movement of some managers.

To ensure safety and prevent disease, human resources departments of some businesses also have flexible options, they build processes and conduct online interviews to make it easier for employers and candidates. 


Only 9% of businesses said that the office sector recruitment plan was not greatly affected, but the unskilled labor source was affected. Because this unskilled worker lives in the provinces, the travel restriction also partly makes the rate of unskilled labor volatile. 

According to Amcham Vietnam – American Business Association in Vietnam, also conducted a survey on 170 members of the association, more than 50% of businesses said they were interested in the impact of the disease on the economy. Over 70% of Amcham member businesses are still maintaining normal production activities (i.e. 70% or more of capacity), about 17% of businesses are operating at 50-70% and only about 13% of members are operating under normal capacity.

Survey results show that, with good efforts in disease control of the Vietnamese government today, businesses believe that Vietnam’s economy will prosper after a difficult period. Enterprises still have plans to recruit and expand business in Vietnam market.

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