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M2 - Marketing & Media Network

HR2B again sponsored the second "M2 - Marketing & Media Network" event for people interested in advertising, digital, marketing, media and technology was held on May 7th, 2014 at the Cargo Bar District 4 Ho Chi Minh City. The event attracted over 100 manager and professional level expatriates and Vietnamese attendees.

The group heard real life experiences from 3 "Guru" of this community,

  • Abhiji Das - Leo Burnett Vietnam,
  • Bruce Flanagan - CCO - Sun Flower Media
  • Jessica Phan - Country Manager - Mobile Marketing Association.

HR2B sponsors these events as part of our "Candidate Development" activities.
The next event will be held June 4th.

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M2 - Marketing & Media Network

M2 - Marketing & Media Network

M2 - Marketing & Media Network

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