HR2B joined the “Job Opportunities Fair 2016”

Ho Chi Minh 4851

On Wednesday 18 May 2016, at Ho Chi Minh Job Service Center, HR2B joined the "Job Opportunities Fair 2016”. This annual event is designed to give young job seekers the opportunity to find a good job.

Over 90 companies offered more than 3,000 vacant positions for jobs in customer service, mechanical engineering, construction, manufacturing, business administration and marketing.

More than 6,000 high school, college or first degree qualified graduate candidates attended.

HR2B was there to help find candidates for our Staffing Service customers. HR2B had over 120 vacant positions in front line customer service, administration, sales and manufacturing roles. Successful candidates will join our staffing teams that sent on both long and short term assignments with HR2B customers nationwide.

Below are some pictures from the events:

 1. Chuyên viên nhân sự của HR2B đã sẵn sàng để tư vấn cho các ứng viên.JPG

Our staffing professional is ready to consult for candidates.

 2. Một ứng viên quan tâm đến cơ hội làm việc tại các công ty khách hàng của HR2B.JPG

A candidate who was interested in many opportunities from HR2B’s top clients.

 3. Các công việc đang đụơc đăng tuyển bởi HR2B.JPG

Some open positions from our clients.

At the end of the day HR2B identified over 180 candidates who will move to the interview phase of recruitment for our current positions. In addition we recorded the contact details of another 270 candidates who have potential for roles in the future.


About HR2B

HR2B is a Vietnamese human resource consulting company run to international standards. Since 2003 HR2B has been helping our clients with their human resources management needs. HR2B has become a leader in the Vietnamese market. Our combination of deep market knowledge, strict process control and international standard customer care has earned us a strong reputation as a valued business partner.

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