How to secure business information when employees resigned

Resigned employees are always a potential risk of company data theft. So how can you secure business information, please refer to the methods below!
Start right from the moment you get a new employee
On the first day a new employee officially starts working, the human resources department needs to let them sign an agreement on confidentiality of information about the company. In addition, it is necessary to develop clear integration processes and policies for new employees so that they do not have any questions or share business information with anyone.

Sign a confidentiality agreement with new employees - Image: Internet.
For employees who work remotely (from home), the company needs to have policies to support work equipment. This will make it easier to track the progress of their works, and also make it easier to keep information secure.
Reminder about security issues when employees are about to resign
Businesses need to review the agreements signed with employees on confidentiality of information when receiving their resignation letters. 
You should have private conversations, emphasizing with employees about the importance of business information confidentiality in the remaining days and even after they have officially resigned. 
At the same time, you need to discuss with that employee about the specifics of handing over the account to access all data about the company on personal computers, cloud storage, external emails, social networks...
In addition, the inventory of work assets/equipment that the company provided to employees working from home is also extremely important. Specifically, you need to:
  • Request employees to hand over the equipment according to the correct procedure.
  • Make a handover record with signatures of both parties.
Comprehensive observation of personnel in the company
Espionage is not a rare headache-inducing problem for leaders of companies. Besides the elements that steal company information like hackers, the current employees of the company can also leak information as well as business secrets to the outside.
HR2B hopes that through the article, your business has learned how to increase the security of your business information when an employee wants to resign. We wish your business a sustainable development!

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