How to recruit talents in the Marketing sector?

Recruiting talents in the Marketing sector is considered the key to helping the enterprises speed up their development. When an enterprise has an excellent Marketing department, it can create both reputation and profits. So what should the enterprises do to recruit talents in this sector? Let’s find the answer with HR2B below this article.

How to recruit talents in the Marketing sector? – Photo: Internet
Changing recruitment thinking
If you are a recruiter and have the mindset of workers applying for jobs and needing you, change immediately. Today, in order to recruit talents, especially in the Marketing sector with creative nature, the enterprises should create good experiences for the candidates. Experience here includes working environment, remuneration policy, team, process …  When the candidates have good experience, they will be ready to devote themselves to the enterprises.
Choosing appropriate recruitment channel
In the Marketing sector, you have many channels to recruit such as: through job search websites, recruitment fanpages or Marketing groups. However, depending on position, you should choose the appropriate channels. For high-level positions, in addition to job search websites, the enterprises should choose professional human resources units like HR2B to get more quality candidates.
Associating with schools specializing in training marketers

Linking with specialized training units – Photo: Internet
This is considered a place where you can recruit talented and qualified candidates while still saving your budget. In addition, when linking with schools, the enterprises are also partly promoted and affirmed with future human resources.
Taking advantage of internal recruitment sources
If your enterprises have Marketing department already, immediately take advantage of the candidate information source from here. What you need to do is to post recruitment notices on website or bulletin board of your enterprises with detailed job descriptions and requirements. In addition, you can also encourage the employees to introduce potential candidates by providing additional commissions.
Professional recruitment process
Qualified candidates often focus on the recruitment process of the units, because when looking at the process, the candidates can determine the level of attention and professionalism of the enterprises. In addition, relying on the process also helps you select the most suitable candidates without wasting much time.
Describing the job as detailed as possible
Most candidates will look at the job description first, because this is a factor helping the candidates know whether they are suitable for the positions being recruited by the companies or not. Additionally, relying on descriptions can save your time during the interview process.
Describing the job should be as detailed as possible. However, if it is too long and complicated, it will also cause the candidates to ignore the job posting. Therefore, you should also consider the most necessary criteria for inclusion.
Recruiting and using talents is not a short-term matter, but a process of investment with dedication of the leaders. Hopefully, the above methods of recruiting talents in the Marketing sector will help the enterprises find the most suitable candidates.

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