How is important of Employee Engagement?

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- Employee engagement is one of matters relating to the administrative task of the corporate which has a great influence on the success of an enterprise. But for this cohesion, a corporate is just an incoherent body of people not working for the common goal but for personal or short-term interest. Consequently, at some point, they will soon leave the corporate as their needs are no longer met.

- Since Employee engagement is a vital factor of an organization, HR managers are increasingly focusing on improving employee engagement. A committed employee will devote himself and try his best to work for the contribution to the success of the enterprise. Engaged employees can be satisfied and excited about their work, physically, mentally, emotionally, and cognitively.

- The reasons why employee engagement contributes to the effectiveness of corporate`s management:

  • Decrease the amount of resignation.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Minimize the risks for corporate.
  • Increase the profits for enterprise.

- Factors attributable to the Employee engagement: The cohesiveness is the internal needs of each person for communication; work environment; respect; recognition; opportunities to improve oneself; relation with co – workers; relation with superiors.

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Employee engagement - Source: Internet

1) Communication

  • An open work environment which encourage friendly communication and one can freely contribute, raise opinions and express themselves will help the corporate and employees have mutual understanding. Thus, the enterprise can know about workers’ thoughts and aspiration as well as their weaknesses for the manager to assign job more effectively and specifically.
  • The important thing for a corporate is the establishment of an effective and suitable corporate culture:
    • Friendly and open environment will create conditions for superiors and employees to jointly discuss and solve any problems.
    • Care for special occasion of employees; Often communicate with workers to understand, discover as well as solve pressured, negative problems arising from workers to determine the career goal.

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2) Work environment:

  • Open working space creates the closeness, removes the restrictive distance of the traditional style.
  • Friendly space with full facilities, foods and drinks will help employee become relaxing resulting in effective performance in work and spend more time for it.

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3) Healthcare:

Being safe and taken care of is the necessity of each person, hence, the corporate facilitates for employees regarding health insurance. if the welfare is good enough and can satisfy the workers, such corporate shall be the choice for long – term commitment

Types of healthcare for employee:

  • Fully pay social insurance for employee.
  • Free periodic health checkups.
  • Buy health insurance, accident insurance, life insurance for employees and their closed acquaintances.
  • Pay overtime and meal fees for employees working overtime.
  • Flexible working hour policy.
  • Increase leaves for employees more than the minimum amount regulated in Labour Code.
  • Arrange private areas for employees to enjoy breaktime (if possible).

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Healthcare - Source: Internet

4) Respect:

Everyone wants to earn respect, especially from their boss

  • Respect for employees’ ideas, contribution.
  • Encourage, listen to the employees expressing their opinions, ideas. Do not interrupt when someone is talking.
  • Do not belittle, disdain, yell at or insult the employee when they do something wrong. Do not pry into, judge, criticize or scorn when they make mistakes.
  • Equal treatment despite the differences of religions, races, genders, appearances, ages or regions…
  • Ensure all employees take part in events, general training.
  • Exchange for opinions of departments or Heads of Departments when having recruitment plan for employee of that department.

5) Recognition:

The recognition makes the employee feel that they are appreciated and helpful for the common contribution of the company.

The engagement is formed when company cares for, and recognizes the worthy contribution and effort of the employees; create motivation for them to devote and be committed with the company

To recognize the contribution of the employee, the company should:

  • Regularly make positive comments, encourage employee to finish the job effectively.
  • Deliver tasks and responsibilities for them to independently handle as assigned.
  • Honor the employees on internal websites.
  • Empower the self – decision and freedom of performance.
  • Use thank you for employee’s contribution to the Company in the form of speech, or simply, small gifts.

6) Self – development:

To facilitate employees to develop themselves, the corporate can:

  • Organize training course to improve professional skills, soft skills benefiting the work.
  • Support the fees for employees to join in the learning courses held outside the corporate.
  • Assess periodically the working result of employees.

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Self development - Source: Internet

7) Relationship between co – workers:

A good relationship between co – workers help connect in the emotional manner as well as increase work efficiency. This relationship is formed depending on the characteristics, friendship standards of each person. Therefore, the manager should not force the employees to build a friendship. The corporate should.

Good co-worker relationships help connect emotionally as well as increase work efficiency. Relationships between employees are formed depending on each person's personality and friendship standards, so managers should not force employees to build friendships with each other. Businesses should:

  • Regularly organizes surprise parties for the entire company to exchange, to connect everybody together.
  • Build an internal media network with small information such as birthday parties, team building or mini games held monthly.

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Relationship between co – workers - Source: Internet

8) Relationship with superiors:

According to surveys, most engagement of employees relates to the manager. When the manager can deliver positive feeling, raise the morale of employees, he/she will receive support from the employees. Employees tends to follow the manager who they trust and willing to stay by his/her side to develop the company. Thus, the manager needs:

  • Improve the administration skills (HR, Tasks).
  • Regularly exchange and communicate with employees to produce positive effect, care for them.
  • Believe and assign jobs to employee and only manage the result, efficiency from employees’ report, do not interrupt during the work handling process.
  • Always have objective assessment and identification, do not judge a book by it cover.
  • Keep the positive and optimistic spirit

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Relationship with superiors - Source: Internet

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