Freelancer - The currently flourishing working trend

Along with the development of 4.0 technologies, Freelancer is a working trend that has flourished in recent years. As a comfortable job in terms of time and income based on your ability, Freelancer becomes the ideal destination for many people who want to take the initiative in life.
How did the Freelancer market develop?
Nowadays, many businesses also have policies of recruiting Freelancers to perform some specialized works, acting as "lifelines" for businesses when necessary.
Freelancer career trend is flourishing in the labor market - Image: Internet.
The advantage of freelance works is that they are not constrained in terms of time and space. According to World Bank’s data, by February 2023, the number of Freelancers had reached 1.57 billion out of a total of 3.38 billion workers worldwide.
Not only increasing in quantity, the quality of freelance labor also increased rapidly. Specifically, according to a survey by Upwork, there are 43% of Freelancer specialists in Gen Z and about 46% of specialists in the Millennial group (18-35 years old).
Which Freelancer groups are making big impacts on businesses?
The improvement of skills as well as promoting and defining personal brands will help freelancers stand out in the freelance labor market. 
Currently, there are two main Freelancer groups that are most used by businesses, including:
- Freelancer advisors: belongs to Gen X, those with seniority who are about to retire but still want to dedicate themselves to their works. They can become senior advisors to businesses on in-depth strategies.
- Freelancer specialists: belongs to Gen Y and Gen Z. Capable, active and creative, they are employed by many businesses for large projects.

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