Five ways to maintain your unique company culture

HR2B recommends five areas where you should focus to maintain and communicate your company culture. Recommendations are based on insights gained by our experts over the years.
1. Promote good employee-manager relationships
Employee engagement is strongly influenced by the quality of employee-manager relationships. Encourage managers to assess each employee's skill level and unique needs on a regular basis, and to adjust as employees learn and grow or their needs change.
2. Focus on employee development
Effective employee training programs are associated with higher rates of retention and engagement. Show your employees that you value them and their career paths by helping them develop and improve their skills.

Five ways to maintain your unique company culture (Photo: Internet)
3. Demonstrate commitment to employees’ work-life balance
Job seekers value work-life balance more than anything else, even more than competitive pay and benefits. Demonstrate your company's commitment to your employees' mental health and well-being by providing them with access to employee support services.
4. Prioritize transparency and open communication
Create a work environment where your employees feel comfortable talking openly and honestly with your leadership team. This HR tool allows you to assess your employees' interests, motivation, and happiness, and you can use the feedback to develop a strategy for improving employee retention.
5. Advocate rewards and recognition
Employees want to be acknowledged for their efforts. Employees are more likely to be engaged and creative, as well as continue working hard and putting in the extra effort if they believe their managers and senior leadership teams appreciate their contributions.

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