Factors motivating employees to work hard that managers should know

Diligent employees will create a strong team. On the contrary, lazy people are the obsession of bosses. Not only does it affect teamwork spirit and overall performance of the organization, but the boss also adds more work to do. The following are 4 special "drugs” to treat laziness for employees that bosses should apply.
Assigning more tasks
Sometimes the employees are lazy not because they do not want to work. It is simply because the work is too little, there is no deadline or it is not attractive and challenging enough for them. The managers should recognize this early assign more tasks to them. When there is pressure, they may enthusiastically work and complete everything.

What are the 4 special drugs to treat laziness for employees that bosses should know? – Photo: Internet.
Learning the roots
You should sit down and have a serious talk with the employees to find out the cause. Do not just accept an empty apology from them when they fail to complete their tasks on time. Ask questions to see their attitudes and responses. For example: "How is your daily work allocation?” or "Why do you insist on finishing but it has not done yet?”, …
If they always complain the work is overloaded, that is an excuse for laziness. Instead, if they point out a cause or obstacle, give them another chance. Asking questions will also help the employees know that their boss is not average, and will not always agree with their apology.
If your words fail to work, take action, which means that you have tried to ask and urge them to work but it still fails, then impose fines, salary deductions, no bonuses, … if the deadline is late.
Showing disappointment
Lazy employees often worry about being reprimanded by their bosses. However, they always find excuses, even blame. With such subjects, the bosses should skillfully explain to them their important role in the overall work of the company. 
Besides, you can show a serious face and disappointment so that the employees feel guilty and change. 

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