DaNang Workshop Attracts Over 30 People

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Interesting Topic

The topic was chosen by survey of existing business customers in the DaNang area. A quick survey of participants shows;

  • 20% General Directors
  • 30% HR Leaders (Directors)
  • 40% HR Professionals
  • 10% Admin roles

The most common company represented was a private firm with 100 to 200 employees. Several participants came from companies with over 1000 employees.

HR2B Workshop DaNang Executive Search


What gets measured gets managed. The group discussed standard ways to measure the following key retention indicators;

  1. Retention rate
  2. Turnover rate
  3. Voluntary turnover rate
  4. Average LOS of current employees
  5. Average LOS of Leavers
  6. Special characteristics Leavers
  7. Vacancy rate.

HR2B DaNang Workshop Participants come from Executive Search Customers


The way to a General Directors heart is through money. This section looked at cost and how to use the following types of costs to get influence for your retention arguments;

  • Direct Costs
  • Opportunity Costs

Tom Vovers handed out a checklist of all the possible costs associated with turnover to help decision makers when planning to reduce turnover.

Tom Vovers Presents HR2B Interactive DaNang Workshop December 2013

5 Actions to Take

After discussing "Natural" turnover, that companies cannot control, the group considered 5 actions to deal with voluntary unexpected turnover. For each item the group contributed real life stories from their experience.

  1. Employee Value Proposition - focused recruitment
  2. Onboarding - introducing people to the company correctly
  3. Performance Management - having good open conversations
  4. Employee Engagement - getting people's heart involved in their work
  5. Career Paths for Top Talent - treating the best talent differently from the rest

The session ended with a lively question and answer section.

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