Customers thanked at 10 year Celebrations

Ho Chi Minh 4493

10 Years of Serving Business in Viet Nam

HR2B Company held a celebration party last night for 250 guests at the New World Hotel Ho Chi Minh City on the occasion of its 10th year of operation.

HR2B, one of VietNam’s top Human Resources companies in the fields of Executive Search, Payroll and Staffing, held a celebration party for its 10 year anniversary. At the event General Director, Tom Vovers addressed the audience "HR2B success has been built on the vision of our management team and the business support of you our customers”.

HR2B Staff attending the event mounted the stage and Tom Vovers led them in a toast to the crowd that represented of top company representatives from the FMCG, manufacturing, banking and IT industries in Ho Chi Minh City.

"We look forward to serving the business community of Viet Nam for the next 10 years and beyond” Tom Vovers concluded.

A similar event will be held next week in HaNoi Capital and next month in the Central city of DaNang where HR2B has recently opened an office.

More information and photos of the event, please follow this page

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