Businesses facing difficulties: 3 reasons why employees still stayed even though many others give up

 The policies of downsizing, salary and bonus are inevitable for businesses during the current economic recession. Workers' rights are seriously affected, and so many people leave their workplaces to find better employments. 
However, many people are still determined to stick with their businesses through difficulties, here are 3 main reasons:
Promotion opportunities 
In the short term, even though the salary is reduced, some employees with clear career orientation still see their potential for growth at the company. They believe that by going through difficult times, they will accumulate more experience, thereby easily promoting to a better position in the organization or getting a raise.

Employees sticking with their businesses through difficult times - Image: Internet.
Corporate culture
In addition to the salary and bonus policy, corporate culture is one of the key factors to long-term employee retention. They know the salary adjustment is only temporary, but business value and job satisfaction are not easy to achieve.
Therefore, businesses need to promote the creation of their own identity and conveying it to each employee so that they understand and dedicate themselves to it. That is the key to helping businesses develop sustainably and overcome all challenges. 
Objective factors 
In addition to the above reasons, the employees’ decisions to stay with the businesses or not is based on a number of other objective reasons such as: 
  • The company’s location: close to their accommodations, convenient in commuting.
  • Ensure work-life balance: having enough time for themselves and their families.
  • Positive corporate environment: low competition, great solidarity and respect between employees.
  • The company's mission and values are consistent with their personal orientations. 
In short, whether employees decide to stay when the businesses are facing difficulties or not depends on their perspectives and circumstances. And the most influential factor is the meaning of the works they do and the cultures of the companies where they spend most of their time.

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