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The Telegram application is currently used by many companies as a chat channel and to exchange work-related matters. However, there are still many individuals and organizations that take advantage of Telegram's high security to post numerous fraudulent job news. Here are some common forms of scams on Telegram that you need to be aware of to avoid.

Common scams on Telegram that you need to be aware of - Image: Internet.
Money scams through community groups
On Telegram, there are many channels and groups for posting and sharing articles and news about recruitments, money-making experiences, coin-mining projects, earning tokens…
Scammers often ask you to pay a deposit before participating in making money, or before every time you make a withdrawal of tokens or coins you have to pay a fee. You may even accidentally read an interesting post on a certain channel and curiously click on a strange link only to lose money. 
Cryptocurrencies investment scams
Currently, with the development of information technology, many people learn about cryptocurrencies and are unwittingly taken advantage of by scammers. They often post pictures of beautiful houses, luxury cars, traveling aboard, dining at restaurants... to show themselves as successful and rich people by investing in cryptocurrencies.
The main purpose of scammers is to trick you into aspiring to be like them, thereby pouring all your money into cryptocurrencies. They even bait you by giving you an initial profit. And you believe you can make real money only for the money you invested suddenly evaporate into thin air.
Impersonation of service providers
This is not a new form of scam, but many people still get caught in the trap. The scammers will impersonate the service providers to text you. 
Most commonly, you will see a message warning that your account has been compromised or your information leaked. Next, you will be asked to enter a confirmation password or provide account confirmation information. Scammers will steal that information and take advantage of it.
Although Telegram is currently being used by many because of its optimal security features, HR2B hopes that the article will help you aware of more forms of online scams to be more vigilant, especially those who are looking for a job and make money.

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