Australian Advises Canadians on Vietnamese Leadership

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HCM - 18 May, 2016, at Jaspas Restaurant, 33 Dong Khoi Street, District 1, the event Cancham Breakfast Club was held successfully with attendance of more than 20 professionals.

Tom Vovers, General Director of HR2B a leading human resources professional services firm presented to a group of Canadian business leaders on how to approach leadership in Viet Nam. Since 2003, HR2B has placed thousands of professionals and managers into companies in Viet Nam and Tom has seen personally leaderships styles that both succeed and fail.

"Unlike Canadians, Vietnamese culture is highly group oriented and you can use this to ensure your leadership is effective” Tom said. He went on to explain that neither being too ‘nice’ or too ‘nasty’ was going to be effective. "There seems to be a goldilocks zone you need to find with your team balancing tough love”.


 Tom Vovers - General Director of HR2B was invited to be speaker at event 

Questions from the audience were about how to implement these leadership ideas both on a personal and company wide basis. Having a clear structure and set of simple rules fairly applied was the main message.


Tom was sharing 3 categories of "nasty boss" 

Other speakers at the event were Kelsey Suski, Carthage Global Limited with topic "How you can support Young Entrepreneurs and Social Innovators in Vietnam”, Carsten Ley with topic "Customer Experience - Experience the Customer” and Dr Rob Sleiman, American Chiropractic Clinic with topic "Causes of Pain and the Cure without Drugs or Surgery”.

 Ms. Kelsey Suski, Carthage Global was presenting at event

 Ms Kelsey Suski, Carthage Global at event


Canadian business leaders at event  


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