6 Steps to build your employer brand with social media

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Recently, employer branding is one of the most effective solutions to help businesses attract talented people to the company.

According to the most recent surveys, up to 75% of job seekers are interested in the employer brand before applying for a job. Especially, research information through social media to have a better understanding about the company culture before submitting the application. Therefore, building your employer brand on social networks is extremely necessary for businesses. Here are 6 steps to help build your employer brand on social media effectively, which businesses should know.

1. Check the level of your employer brand awareness

One of the first important things when you start building your employer brand on social media is to check your employer brand awareness of your business right now.

Analyze the image and brand reputation

The first thing to build your employer brand on social media is that you need to know where your business is in the job market and how the potential candidates feel about the company. You can start by checking out business information on social media platforms, job boards, or employer review sites.

Check your current employer brand awareness. (Image: Internet)

Identify the most popular and effective online branding activities

You can find posts about daily operations, events, … of a company on blogs or social media. Please take a look at which content is performing best, and think about what you could recommend to expand your brand presence and awareness on social media.

2. Make a plan and high-quality content

After checking your employer brand awareness, it is the time to focus on creating content. However, it does not mean that you will post everything as soon as the preparations are done. A strategy to build your employer brand on social media should have a good plan and clear goal.

Building your employer brand on social media should have a good plan and a clear goal. (Image: Internet)

Therefore, before you start creating content, there have several goals you can set out to do:

  • Determine a specific, measurable goal for the strategy, for example: "Improve the number of applicants by 20 percent in 5 months.”
  • Determine specific types of content to share (video testimonials, stories, ...)
  • Create a schedule for posting contents to ensure the consistency of your efforts
  • Assign a team to implement and monitor the effectiveness of the strategy.

3. Introduce the company's working culture

Working culture is one of the most important factors for potential candidates. An ideal candidate always learns the living and working way of the company every day. There have so many mistakes that employers make about this. For example, job seekers do not like employers focusing too much on the company leadership instead of the employees.

Introduce the company's working culture. (Image: Internet)

In order to introduce your company culture in a proper way, you need to know that your brand values ​​are the best sources. Here are some suggestions you can consider.

  • You can use Linkedin to share the professional achievements of your employees. If your employees receive a record/achievement of their work, share and congratulate them. This will help candidates see that the company is attentive to its employees' successes.
  • Instagram and Facebook are great places for you to share daily events, wishes, vacations and company birthdays. You can ask a leader to describe the daily work on the team so that potential candidates can understand how the company actually works.

4. Attract candidates on the company's social networking site

Employee sharing is the best tool to help businesses attract more talent. Here are some suggestions for you to consider:

  • Post with photo or written testimonial from staff.
  • Video testimonials.
  • An interview.

5. Open public activities for employees

Honesty is the best policy to apply in building your employer brand. Being honest, open and transparent about your company's activities are vital to the success of building your employer brand. Many job seekers will feel suspicious if the company is dishonest about its culture or the way it treats its employees.

Open public activities for employees. (Image: Internet)

Here are some suggestions that businesses should refer to.

  • Avoid using leaders to talk about company activities. Job seekers will trust the shares of front-level employees rather than managers and executives.
  • Focus on the impact your employees make.
  • Emphasis on activities that make your company unique.

6. Handle situations on social networks professionally

Managing your business reputation is often an overlooked aspect of building an employer brand. It is impossible that you will encounter inappropriate or unfair comments on social media and the mission of the company is to track this issue and handle it effectively. Make sure that your company's social media site manager has a clear plan on how to respond to these reviews professionally.

If everything is done well, building your employer brand on social media can be highly effective in attracting talent to your company. However, you need to be consistent in your employer brand strategy.

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