6 cost saving recruitment strategies for businesses

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If your business has got a headache with recruitment costs, the following 6 strategies will be surely your savior producing a minimum of costs but the right candidate.

1. Internal movement to share the working environment

Jobseekers have often found businesses through relationships such as friends, relatives, colleagues, ... Social networking sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook are also considered by Candidates, later turning to employer review sites for more internal news.

According to related studies, a brand is known 24 times more when shared by employees. Needless to say, recruitment performed by employees’ share is really effective and quite cheap as well as may create an outstanding point in your strategy.

Encourage employees to share their workplace experiences. (Photo: Internet)

2. Take advantage of social media

Communication via Social media brings employers insights into their day-to-day operations, values and vision. This authenticity and transparency will help increase the number of applications from individuals who are confident that they are in line with the corporate culture, being willing to share the organization's vision and values.

Focus on the channels that are in best connection with your expected targets. (Photo: Internet)

The advantage of this method is completely free of charge, all things to do is to invest the time to synthesize suitable campaigns and messages, as keeping in touch with followers. You can also use ad campaigns to expect or specific targets.

In the beginning, focus on the channels that are in best connection with expected targets, instead of using multiple platforms at once.

3. Employee retention, internal training and development

There is no doubt that no quitting leads no hiring. Find out if the current working environment and policies have something that makes employees uncomfortable or dissatisfied in order to take timely action. In addition, a HR Manager with necessary soft skills must reduce quitting rates in the first place.

Recruitment costs depend obviously on replacement rates. Therefore, it's better to proactively help key employees develop their skills, resulting in fewer employees leaving the office, instead of focusing on new recruiting solutions.

In addition, building a recruitment strategy combined with training will help choose horses for courses. Through training programs, businesses shall improve the qualifications of the staff, create reasonable conditions for employees’ development, far more attached and dedicated to the organization and team. Moreover, management development policies and solutions will also help businesses not fall into the shortage of personnel as developing or changing its strategy.

4. Create a clear, attractive job advertisement

The job advertisement on your website or on social media will be one of the first experiences leading a number of jobseekers to your organization.

Create clear and attractive ad contents. (Photo: Internet)

In the job market, your ad content must not only be well-written, but also be eye-catching, optimize search and highlight the key requirements in the shortest possible way.

You can adjust the information in an open direction to attract candidates, which can help increase the opportunity of finding the right person for the vacancy.

5. Horses for courses

The initially unsuitable recruitment tools must guide to a certain of difficulties in respect to costs and effectiveness. A standard candidate tracking system will streamline the recruitment process, reduce data duplication, and protect candidate information.

It can also integrate with the software to make more efficient recruitment. Psychological testing and profiling tools, background check apps ... It's important to make sure all of your recruiting tools are going in the same direction, so that the recruitment process has become seamless and logical.

6. Optimization of corporate career portal

For candidates, a company's career website is an important tool in understanding job opportunities and getting a feel for company culture. Therefore, it is necessary to have a website which is strong enough, mobile-friendly, and your business brand.

An accessible portal that motivates jobseekers to apply directly on it. (Photo: Internet)

It is important to design an accessible portal that motivates jobseekers to apply directly on it. This may save a considerable amount of money compared to hiring external recruitment sites.

Cost reduction is the top criterion of most businesses in the development process, it cannot help consisting of recruitment cost. Hopefully, the information shared above, it will help you build an effective recruiting strategy with a minimum of cost.

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