5 ways to quickly identify lies of candidates in an interview

During the interview, the employer often asks many questions to assess the suitability of the candidate for the job. Accordingly, the candidates also try to give the best answers, even exaggerate the truth to catch the eye of the employer. 
If the employer is not observant, hiring the wrong person is very easy to happen. Let’s master 5 tips together with HR2B to identify who is lying right below!
Not getting to the point
If the candidate really prepares well before the interview, they will give concise, short but meaningful answers, in accordance with the content of the question asked by the employer. 

Candidates without preparation often ramble, not answering correctly – Photo: Internet. 
On the contrary, a bad candidate or a candidate with lack of preparation will answer in the direction of rambling and roundabout, not getting to the problem mentioned by the employer.
You can ask related questions together to see the logic and consistency in the answers, thereby properly evaluating the capabilities of candidates.
Body language
Facial gestures, arm and leg movements also reveal whether the candidate is lying or not. For example, the candidate always avoids the eyes of the employer when answering, his / her eyes widen, or his / her limbs are a bit clumsy because of restlessness and lack of confidence.
There are many cases where the candidates are nervous and worried, leading to unclear answers. However, if they confidently look directly into the eyes of the opposite person, their fidelity is a hundred times higher than those who always show off their achievements with their evasive eye contact.
Mentioning too many group achievements 
Teamwork skills are extremely important in the enterprises today. However, the candidates who only focus on group achievements are definitely not outstanding, because they just want you to forget about asking about their specific achievements.

Candidates who do not have anything outstanding often talk about group achievements – Photo: Internet
Ask them about their specific roles and notable achievements contributing to that team to evaluate whether the candidates are telling the truth.
Evaluating the integrity of the profile
Some candidates have no experience but want to catch the eye of the employers in the application round, so they will add incorrect or unavailable information. 
Thus, in the interview, you should verify that the information is correct or not by evaluating whether their answers are similar to those on their CVs. 
Testing skills of candidate
Many candidates often add cool soft skills to their resumes while their capacity is limited. 
You can confirm by asking them situational questions to see how they solve their problems, asking about difficult situations that they encountered in the past and how they handled them, as well as how their specific skills were applied to there, …
Here are 5 tips above to help you evaluate the honesty of the candidate. However, in order to minimize the selection of the wrong candidate just because of lies, you should use the high-end recruitment service of reputable units with its maximum assistance in screening out the best quality CVs.

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