What is RPO? Benefits brought by RPO to enterprises

Currently, the enterprises have been facing the problem of sufficient and correct recruitment and training. The labor market has been increasingly competitive, RPO service is the golden solution to help the enterprises choose suitable candidates. So what is RPO and what benefits does it bring to the enterprises? Let’s find out now with HR2B!
What is RPO?
RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing, which is a recruitment process outsourcing service. Specifically, the enterprises in need of labor employment will enter into the contract and transfer the entire recruitment process to the RPO provider. In other words, the RPO unit will carry out the entire recruitment process for the enterprises.

RPO service provider will carry out the entire recruitment process for enterprises
Benefits of RPO 
The hereinafter are the great benefits that RPO service will bring to the enterprises, especially large corporations:
Cost savings: Many enterprises have to spend large amounts of money and allocate it sporadically for recruitment activities such as headhunting, training, recruiting temporary workers, … However, RPO service will help all tasks be professional, helping the enterprises save costs and time.
Accessing to a wide range of talent: Recruiting is not difficult, but choosing qualified personnel meeting all criteria of the enterprises is a big challenge. RPO service with extensive data network, helping the enterprises find the "brightest gems”.
Transparency assurance: The RPO unit will analyze and provide solutions to help the enterprises clearly understand the recruitment process, and ensure transparency through SLA (Service Level Agreement). 
Labor source diversion: The RPO unit, with wide relationships and extensive network, helps the enterprises access abundant talent sources, thereby finding suitable faces with many factors contributing to their success.
Flexible increase or decrease in staff size: The recruitment demand in the enterprises fluctuate frequently. Especially, during public holidays, the seasonal labor demand is extremely large, causing the enterprises to be unable to respond in time. RPO services will continuously assess the demand and ensure the adequate recruitment of personnel for the enterprises.
When should you consider using RPO service?
RPO service is suitable for the enterprises with:
  • Demand for recruitment of large quantities of personnel in a short time.
  • Demand for recruitment of temporary and seasonal staff.
  • Suddenly increasing or fluctuating recruitment, or urgent recruitment.
  • Unprofessional human resources department, limited in quantity and quality.

How to choose RPO providers?
In order to choose a suitable RPO service provider, the enterprises should:
  • Provide full information and requirements for recruitment to the RPO unit, making sure that they understand and grasp everything.
  • Find out information and collect reviews from similar enterprises about the reputation of that unit.

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