What is Employer Branding? Why does your company need to build a Employer Branding?

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With stronger and stronger competition in the current job market, companies need to build a positive and standout Employer Branding. Without effective Employer Branding, the choosing and training good employees will become a challenge for the company. Your business needs to have talented staff to boost up your company’s development. Therefore, building a standout Employer Branding is the best way to attract talents to your company.

What is an Employer Branding?

Basically, Employer Branding is your reputation on the job market, as well as the staff’ comprehension of the company as a recruiter.

In other words, building an Employer Branding. is the way you promote your company to job seekers and internal staff. The better the company is in Employer Branding, the more chance it has to attract top talented candidates. Besides, a trusted Employer Branding can also help the company keep current leading staff.

Building an Employer Branding is the way you promote your company to job seekers and internal staff – Image: Internet

The value that an Employer Brand brings?

Effective recruitment

Employer Branding is considered to be presenting the whole company. Through that, the company will have a chance to promote its value, which is more standing out than competitors and attract quality candidates. Besides, the company can also be active in recruiting the talents that are suitable with existing working culture.

A strong Employer Brand shall help make recruiting progress easier when choosing potential candidates. The company will see less problems when recruiting for the positions, lowering recruiting expense and staffs’ resigning rate.

A strong Employer Brand shall help making recruiting progress easier when choosing potential candidates - Image: Internet

Besides, you need to guarantee that the Employer Brand must present the culture, vision, and strategic value of the company. A strong Employer Brand shall help connect the staff with the company, since they understand and know the targets that the whole group is working for.

Therefore, building a strong and standout Employer Branding shall help you attract as well as keeping young talented staff.

Developing the company culture

Employer Branding is the face presenting the company’s culture. Therefore, by creating positive working cultures, the company can determine the candidates’ comprehension of the Employer Brand. Presenting attractive benefits like bonus when a staff achieves an achievement or a support to balance between work and life for staff shall remarkably contribute to the progress of building a Employer Brand for the company.

Creating positive working cultures help determining the candidates’ comprehension of the Employer Brand – Image: Internet

Besides, the research also showed that the staff being supported by the companies are highly satisfied so their work is more effective. For example an office with modern utilities and a program for health care. All these things shall help develop an office culture and improve candidates’ awareness of the Employer Brand.

Promoting the company brand

Employer Branding is best evaluated by staff as well as their readiness for promoting the company brand. Staffs’ evaluation is the most valued and trusted information source for candidates when filtering the companies. Therefore, the promotion on the company recruiter brand depends much on internal staff. And with the consecutive development of social networks, this has been easier to approach.

The promotion of the company recruiter brand depends much on internal staffs – Image: Internet

The company can survey the satisfaction of staff, then upload their positive comments and evaluation on the web. This helps building staffs’ trust and developing the Employer Brand for the company.

How can it grow your business?

Understanding the company’s target

Understanding the company’s target will make it easier for Human Resource Management to build and develop the Employer Brand. You need to understand the target, value, vision, and mission of the company, so you can choose suitable talents to accomplish these targets.

Surveying the company’s recruiter brand awareness

In fact, you might know exactly where your product or service stands on the market. But it might be hard to determine by the potential candidates’ comprehension as well as internal staff' feelings on your company.

Conducting internal and external research through surveys on candidates and internal staff. Seeking information on the internet or social media for evaluation.

Surveying the company’s Employer Band awareness – Image: Internet

Labor usage value suggestion

When you have done the research and presented the benefits that the company can provide to candidates, conduct a labor usage value suggestion. A labor usage value suggestion is an Employer Branding message. Therefore, you should not state anything that is untrue or the staff do not agree with. Suggest a labor usage value to start a passion among potential candidates by presenting the company’s positive policies.

Conducting a Employer Branding

When candidates want to seek information on your company, they would like to hear true evaluation from the staff that are or have been working in the company.

You can conduct staff interviews or share their statements on the company website. Or encouraging staff posting their feelings on their social accounts. This is an effective way for your staffs to share the company’s culture.

Promoting company brand via the shares of staff that are working in the company – Image: Internet

Writing attractive job description

Candidates usually contact your company via recruiting posts or job descriptions. Therefore, creating an attractive job description is a perfect way to promote your company. Take control on the trend and optimize the results on search tools by using the terms on the things that your potential candidates are looking for.

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