Tips for candidate to make a successful online job interview

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The non-stop development of technology along with recruiting demand globally have opened opportunities for the online interview to be more popular.

It is not just an innovation, the video interview also brings effectiveness for recruiters and interviewees, but it is also a new challenge for interviewees. If you are a person always confident and full of experience in face to face interviews, online interviews might make you more nervous. However, you don’t need to be too worried, you should only pay attention and be well prepared with following items, you can easily shine in an online job interview.

Understanding the types of online job interview

Online interview is quite a new recruiting form for most interviewees. In order to have a successful video interview, you need to well understand current popular video interview types and have good preparation.

Recruiter and interviewee shall participate directly an interview via video platform – Image: Internet

Video interviews are not like direct interviews that you participated before. This type needs technology as well as some skills for preparing and conducting a successful video interview. Below is some advice to help you have a successful video interview.

1. Testing the equipment and internet connection.

Before the interview starts, you need to test the connection for Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout or any interview platform that you are using. You should prepare and use the technology platform that your recruiter prefers or requests. Internet connection might change and be impacted by the applications you run on the equipment. Therefore, take a test to check the speed of your connection shall guarantee problem free when conducting the interview.

Test the speed of your connection to guarantee problem free during the interview – Image: Internet

2. Choosing a good interview environment

You should choose a clean and quiet interview location with low and no interruption. Considering the room light and window location. Besides, you should choose a shadowed location to avoid the base light making your face too bright

3. Polite outfit

You should pay attention that your wearing should be suitable and professional from the waist up. Since you might only see the upper part in a video interview but webcam might record more. In some cases, you might have to stand up. So, choosing a suitable outfit along with confidence is utmost important.

Choosing a suitable outfit and being confident will help you score in recruiter’s point of view – Image: Internet

4. Preparing necessary documents

You should prepare a personal CV along with some documents related to your experience or position you are interviewing for. This shall help you quickly answer the questions from recruiters on experience or necessary information.

5. Participating a video interview early

Participating in a video interview about 5 minutes in advance. This will make recruiters appreciating your preparation and seriousness toward the interview.

6. Maintaining body language communication

How you express yourself is very important in an interview. Therefore, you need to be active and maintain eye contact, smile, speak clearly and enthusiastically. You should not make too many moves, since if the connection is slow, you will make the video being blurry which will lead to less focus. This will show your unprofessionalism although the reason is from the technology.

You need to be active and maintain eye contact and smile during the interview – Image: Internet

7. Professional and confident

Although it is a video interview, showing your professionalism and confidence is also very important just like a direct interview. Try to eliminate surrounding worries and interruption to show recruiters that you are participating in this job interview seriously.

8. Sharing your thoughts after the interview ends

Some sharing words when the interview ends as well as your expectation in the job shall show that you are really serious and try to take the opportunity.

Saying thanks to recruiters when the video ends shall help your interview be more successful. And don’t forget to send a thank you mail at the end of the day after the interview. This will create a stronger connection with recruiters and help you have a better chance for your desired position.

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