Three things to note when using the payroll service

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In the context of an increasingly competitive economy, cutting costs for supporting activities and administrative legal activities are the first priority of businesses. To continue to maintain, enterprises need to focus on human resources and finance in the core business. Therefore, salary calculation is one of the popular outsourced services in small and medium enterprises.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind to outsource payroll services with the most effective


Enterprises need to understand the relevant laws and regulations

The services helps businesses reduce the burden of procedures. However, business owners must still be aware of the relevant provisions of the Labor Law, Taxes, Insurance Policies, .... This is very important as the Vietnamese government agencies increasingly check the transparency of enterprises in the salary calculation..

Enterprises need to understand the laws related to salary payment


Evaluate and select prestigious partners and industry experience

Outsourcing payroll service helps businesses save costs such as investment costs for payroll software, staff training costs and other benefits..

On the market, there are many companies providing payroll services with different prices currently. Enterprises need to choose a reliable and prestigious partner with many years of industry experience to help they feel secure about the risks related to this matter.

Specialized payroll system ensures with accuracy and quickness


With highly experienced staffs, HR2B has performed 500,000 salary management transactions with an accuracy of 99.95% and a timely level of 99.98%. HR2B always ensures the correct and timely payment to employees.


Regularly exchanging and supervising

Outsourcing the payroll service is really an effective solution for enterprises in managing and operating the business today, especially enterprises can keep salary information absolutely confidential with internal employees.

This matter is also one of the key factors in the personnel strategies of big corporations.

A good partner will bring great efficiency


Regularly exchanging, supervising to ensure the efficiency helps enterprises quickly update and adjust the changes related to employees' salary issues.

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