Secret to tactfully asking for a salary increase without leaving a bad impression

Most large companies will review salary policies periodically every 6 months or 1 year, thereby adjusting salary and bonus increase appropriately. Many employees want a salary increase but do not boldly suggest it. So what is the secret to tactfully asking for a salary increase pleasing your boss?
Principles of partnership
Many people think that employees are inferior. However, you should remember that you and the company enter into the employment contract, which means you are providing a service to the company. If you have real ability, you can completely boldly ask for a salary increase. 

Be bold in asking for a salary increase because you and the company are partners – Photo: Internet
The company will base on the budget to offer appropriate salaries to the employees, at the same time, consider worthy benefits for employees. In fact, those who are well compensated will contribute and work more effectively. In addition, if employees resign, the company will have to spend a lot of money to find new people.
Market survey
The salary of a position at the companies will be different, but the difference is not too excessive. You can refer to information on recruitment websites, compare it with your current salary and desirable salary. 
At the same time, collect data on your achievements and efforts such as KPIs, customer reviews, … When presenting the salary increase proposal, give these numbers to increase persuasion. 
Choose a time wisely to ask for a salary increase. For example, when the company has a fun event, the business is thriving, or when you have just had a great achievement for the company. Those are favorable opportunities, helping you receive a comfortable and gentle nod from your boss.

Choose a time wisely to ask for a salary increase – Photo: Internet
Incessant honesty
39% of people surveyed said that they pretended to be offered a job by another company to put psychological pressure on their superiors when proposing a salary increase. However, this may sometimes backfire if the truth is unfortunately revealed.
Do not lie because you do not have to. You deserve a higher salary with your achievements and abilities. Be honest, your boss will appreciate it.
Hopefully some of the above tips from HR2B will help you confidently present your proposal to your boss and succeed!

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