Key to effective internal communication for enterprises

Internal communication is a foundation or lifeblood connecting leaders and employees, helping the enterprises always operate in the best state. However, not all enterprises communicate effectively. So what should the enterprises do and what secrets do they have to create the best communication strategy?
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Consequences of failure to do internal communication
The core role of internal communication is to help the enterprises convey the wishes of the management to the employees. Therefore, in case of failure to do the internal communication, it will bring the following consequences: 
  • The employees do not understand the core values that the company desires
  • The leaders do not understand the employees and provide inappropriate regimes
  • The employees do not devote themselves to the enterprises
  • Causing work performance to decrease => Business operations are affected
  •  Not retaining or attracting many talented people
Secrets to help the enterprises do the internal communication effectively
In order to develop and bond the relationship between the employees and the leaders, the internal communication plays an important role. The hereinafter are tips to help the enterprises communicate more effectively.

Effective internal communication helps the enterprises develop – Photo: Internet
Internal communication messages should be tied to business goals
Before devising a communication strategy, the enterprises should determine what their business goals are for the year, thereby determining the message that will be conveyed and motivating the employees to perform and act in accordance with the wishes of the enterprises.
Communicative messages should be associated with emotions
This is considered the secret to helping the enterprises achieve high efficiency in the internal communication. The formula for implementing communication associated with emotions is determined as follows:
Message x Emotion => Action
Before creating a message, the enterprises should know what emotions will help their employees take action to achieve the results in accordance with the previously set goals.
For example: The leaders wish revenue to grow by 30% in 2024. In order to achieve this, the employees should work at least 30% harder. Therefore, in order to promote this, it is necessary to create for the employees feelings of concern and motivation to "change themselves” or "expand their search for more customers”.
Determining appropriate communication channels
There are many forms of communication such as through company websites, publications, team building, mini games, periodic meetings, … In order to have successful communication strategy, it is necessary to choose an appropriate communication channel. And, in order to achieve that, the enterprises should listen to the opinions from the employees through a number of confidential surveys.

Choosing the right communication channel helps the strategy be more successful – Photo: Internet
Each enterprise can choose from 1 – 2 main communication channels to transmit messages to the employees throughout and consistently. In addition, the enterprises can also choose other additional channels to be more effective.
Clear reward policy
Compensation is always of concern to most employees. Therefore, reward policies should be clear and reasonable to also help the employees understand the enterprises and be more willing to contribute. This contributes significantly to the success of an internal communication strategy.
Measuring effectiveness of internal communication
In order to determine whether the communication strategy is achieving good results or not, the enterprises should measure and compare with the original goals. Efficiency assessment contributes to finding problems and overcoming for subsequent strategies.
Hopefully, the above sharing will help the enterprises create effective communication strategies.

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