Is it better for recruitment via a Human Resource company?

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Although the form of recruitment through HR companies is not new to businesses now, there are still many questions for businesses: Should internal recruiting be replaced by HR companies? Let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages when using recruiting services through HR company (Headhunter)

Professional recruiting process

HR companies always have a process consisting of logical steps in order to select relevant candidates who meet business requirements. The usual basic procedures will be: Recruitment preparation - Recruitment notice - Reception and selection - Preliminary interview - Test, multiple choice - Selection interview - Evaluation of results - Hiring decision-making.

The result of a serious, professional recruitment process helps businesses choose right employees. Therefore,  people who directly participate in the recruitment process from the filtering stage to the interview stage have to possess much experience and profound knowledge.

Suitable candidates for suitable positions

To save time, money and effort

Recruiting process requires a lot of time and effort. Needless to say, the cost is a big matter. Thanks to the HR company, businesses will not have to spend much time and money on things such as posting recruitment ads, selecting candidates’ profiles, conducting preliminary telephone interviews, .. .

It can be said that many small and medium enterprises in Vietnam have chosen this form of recruitment to save reasonably and effectively the budget of businesses.

To possess various sources of quality candidates

With professional characteristics, HR companies always have "a treasure of candidates" which is collected from many different sources. With a diverse candidate file, they provide business with more choices.

There is no doubt that the internal staff of the company will not have enough time to gather as many candidates as the HR companies do.

HR companies always have "a treasure of candidates"

"To hunt” talented people for business

It can be said that "Hunting" is the ultimate technique of hiring professionals in the HR company. Because excellent individuals always "hide" very carefully and then it is not easy to recruit them. This time requires the skills and persistence of hiring professionals. With their long experience, they will persuade talented people to work for the business. Most of the senior personnel in foreign companies are recruited through these "hunting experts".

Besides, recruiting through human resources companies also contains problems that businesses should consider making the right decision.

Disadvantages can be encountered when using HR companies’ services

HR companies do not have a deep understanding of the culture of the business.

It can be said this is the biggest and most frequent drawback of HR companies, especially with inexperienced professionals who rush to achievements. They are too focused on finding a candidate in a quick time and then forget whether an individual is really suitable to the environment and culture of the business or not - one of the important factors that determine the employee's attachment to the company.

A deep understanding of the working place culture helps to find relatively suitable and long-term candidates

There are still many restrictions on recruiting highly skilled specialists. 

Specific positions having or involving a great deal of knowledge or skill in a particular area will sometimes be an obstacle for young hiring professionals, which results in inappropriate evaluation of candidates.

However, those problems will not affect the recruitment results if the business cooperates with reputable and quality HR companies which have experienced professionals.

HR companies or internal recruitment also has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out carefully what is best for your business!

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