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HR2B Family Day 2019
21 June, 2019 300

HR2B has partnered with Ashlyn Morgan company to provide our community with a unique service that will help you be more self-confident at important meetings and interviews.

Free Taxi

Ashlyn Morgan has a 'pick up' service from HR2B office or any location in District 1 Ho Chi Minh City. You need to book in advance. Simply call 6270 5595 and say you are being referred from HR2B.

April 2009 Free Vouchers

During April HR2B will be giving out forty VND100,000 vouchers to our candidates and clients for this service. Contact your HR2B consultant today to find out how to get one of these vouchers.

Everyday low prices

Ashlyn Morgan has offered the HR2B community these low prices. To take advantage of these prices make sure you mention "HR2B" when booking your services. For details, please click here.

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