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August 8, 2014, at Novotel Hotel, HR2B and ITD Vietnam organized a training course "Effective Leadership Skills" for HR2B's managers and team leaders.

The training course is designed to help our managers and leaders develop the skills necessary to encourage and guide HR2B professionals to achieve exceptional performance.

HR2B's managers were instructed on Leadership Roles, Delegation skills, Coaching and Mentoring skills.

Using the "Action Learning" method, the program introduce theory through discussion of actual experiences and reinforced learning points with photographs, video clips and role play. The managers and trainer shared practical experience and the measures to handle situations.

With the formal off the job training complete, participants will now begin a 4 week 'on the job' training experience designed to have them implement the knowledge they have learned in the workplace.

HR2B's managers, team leaders and ITD trainer

Activities in the training course

Payroll Team Members Solve a Problem 

Payroll Team Members Solve a Problem 

Ms Minh Thy recieves her Attendance Certificate

Ms Tran receives her Attendance Certificate

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