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Ho Chi Minh 4840
December 22nd 2016
As impacted by the competition, demographic shifts, technological disruption and social evolution, the 5 trillion us dollar education industry continues to undergo massive change. With the perspective of an executive search consultant to the sector, Dr Rohan Carr from IRC Australia has mentioned 3 key trends: 
  1. The increasing complexity and relentless competitiveness of the sector. This is driving a growing demand for high-profile research intensive academics. Wherever they might be with complexity also comes the need to attract individuals with proven resource management, industry engagement and people leadership skills. Resilient academics who will lead through massive change.
  2. The 2nd trend is driven by both the growth of the privately funded education sector with its tendency to be more geographically diverse and the new cross-border models of education partnership. The results are designed for individuals who can adapt to and work across culture. While education and research has always been international, it is now truly global. Those who can succeed are those who can successfully engage across and between cultures
  3. Finally, while all industries are impacted by the high level of global and uncertainty, the multi-stakeholder nature of education amplifies this. Uncertain time leads to a more conservative approach to changing employers or relocating across the world. Convincing successful educators and researchers to move is becoming harder regardless of the attractiveness of the institution. Within this context the inside group specialist education practice is well matched to the challenges and the opportunities of the sector.
With this significant change across the globe of education sector, as the partner in Vietnam of IRC Global, HR2B offering high end retained search for local roles with a global reach in this sector. Our Education sector is taking off. We are providing our clients with global knowledge and experience partnered with a local commitment to excellence.
About IRC Global Executive Search Partners
IRC Global Executive Search Partners is a global professional alliance of executive search firms, united in their commitment to provide the highest possible standards in management recruitment services. With a growing roster of leading executive search firms across Europe, Middle East, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia, IRC Global Executive Search Partners has more than 300 accomplished executive search professionals in 80 offices across 6 continents.
Our clients range from large multinationals to middle market companies, and we have a track record of more than 30,000 completed assignments for 2,000+ clients in almost every conceivable industry segment and function. Ranked among the world’s 3 largest retained search firms, IRC Global Executive Search Partners is an alliance that embodies the best of both worlds – Globally Connected and Locally Committed.
About IRC Vietnam
As a member company of the HR2B Group, IRC Vietnam has a long history of successfully serving business needs especially for HR related services. IRC Vietnam large team and national Vietnam presence allow us to serve a broad range of customers. Familiarity with the candidates and the companies in Vietnam is essential to success - and we have that knowledge, and will share it across the IRC alliance. HR2B has been serving customers in Vietnam since 2003. Our combination of international standard customer service and local knowledge has made us one of the top three human resource service providers in Vietnam. 

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