HR2B and SHRI Meet on Collaboration

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Learning From Singapore

The Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) is the leading professional body for the Human Resources function in Singapore. Since 1965 the body has been help guide the development of high quality HR practice in Singapore companies.

HR2B and SHRI Meet on Collaboration

HR2B is constantly looking for ways to add value to our customer's business in the area of Human Resources Management. On Wednesday January 20 2016, Ms Barbara Maria Seet, Manager SHRI, and Ms Chen Yan Hua SHRI, Executive, met with Ms Nguyen Thi Bich Hong, Managing Partner HR2B and Mr Tom Vovers General Director HR2B.

HR2B and SHRI Meet on Collaboration

The group discussed ways of sharing SHRI knowledge and experience with the profession in Viet Nam. These included;

  1. Training workshops in Viet Nam from Singaporean experts,
  2. Sharing of 'accreditation standards' between the two organisation,
  3. Attendance at overseas events by Vietnamese representatives.

Look out for more developments from this collaboration in 2016.

Find more about SHRI here

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