HR2B 2015 Labor Office Audit of Search Service - Total Compliance

Ho Chi Minh City 4019

Again HR2B has proved it's professionalism by passing an intensive audit of its Search service operations by the Department of Labor Ho Chi Minh City Branch.


The audit covered all search cases from January 2014 to August 2015 

679 Customers

3,319 Search projects.

The Labour Office team was impressed with;

  1. The qualifications of HR2B staff, 
  2. The quality working environment, office facilities,
  3. HR2B technology and computer systems,
  4. The accuracy and clarity of our billing and invoicing.
General Director Tom Vovers thanked his Search team, especially


Search Director - Ms Vu Thi Thu Hien,

Search Senior Administrator - Ms  Pham Thi Minh Thu.

HR2B has had several audits from Vietnamese government departments in the past 3 years and passed each one with good result.

HR2B Compliance Search Viet Nam

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