How to win the hearts of Gen Z

Generation Z (or Gen Z) values equality and freedom, and wants their jobs to reflect those beliefs. They seek independence and autonomy in the workplace, and can manage their time and work effectively. 

Here are some tactics for employers to win over Gen Z employees: 

Understanding Gen Z: Learning about the goals, values, and thought processes of Gen Z will help you create a friendly and appealing working environment.
Building a community: Gen Z wants to be a part of something greater than themselves. Therefore, you need to offer them a community that fosters communication, sharing, and collaborative learning.

Tactics to win the hearts of Gen Z. (Photo: Internet)

Assigning meaningful tasks: Gen Z desires to work on projects that are both significant and beneficial to society. Hence, you need to ensure their tasks are measurable in terms of social impact and importance.
Utilizing modern technology: Most Gen Z are digital natives, so it is understandable that they expect their employers to provide them with technology.

Understanding defining characteristics of Gen Z will enable employers to create a more favorable working environment, as well as improve their satisfaction and trust. 

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