How to Understand the Recruitment Market in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh 6201

On Thursday 21 July 2016 at New World Saigon Hotel 76 Le Lai street, District 1, HR2B successfully ran the event "How to Understand the Recruitment Market in Vietnam” Over 60 company senior managers and Human Resources professionals attended the 3 hour interactive seminar.


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Mr. Tom Vovers, General Director and Ms. Hien Vu. Executive Search and Selection Director of HR2B were main speakers of this event. 

Ms Hien Vu is the Executive Search Director of HR2B and has placed over 125 senior level managers since she joined in 2006.  Ms. Vu started the event by going through seven popular recruitment channels in Vietnam. She also shared some tips in choosing the suitable channels for your company by comparing the pros & cons of each channel. 

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Mr. Tom Vovers is General Director of HR2B and has worked in Viet Nam since 2003.  He presented the 12 popular selection criteria used by HR2B and it’s customers to identify quality management and professional talent. He outlined three common mistakes companies make when choosing talent in Viet Nam and suggested ways managers and HR professionals could monitor their recruitment efforts to avoid these mistakes.


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During the Q&A session Tom and Hien handled 17 questions from the audience and took home another 13 for answering later. After event, thanks to expert’s advice, our attendee walked away with new knowledge and understanding about effective recruitment in Vietnam talent market.
Below are some photos of event.


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About HR2B: HR2B runs an executive search service for manager and professional level talent. With over 70 staff in three offices nationwide, HR2B is a leader in the industry. With an extensive network of contacts across a wide range of industries and professions, HR2B can quickly find and match qualified talent to your needs. Uniting Talent with Opportunity.




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