How to outsource to staff effectively?

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Rent of staff is a rapidly growing service in Southeast Asia and especially in Vietnam. The increasing demand has led to the birth of a series of companies providing personnel recently. Raising the question:

Do outsourced workers achieve the desired quality of work? Let's find the answer to this one!


Big enterprises tend to consider staffing service as their favorable staff models

Staff Outsourcing is the favorite staff model and dominates most small and large enterprises in the world. For example, Microsoft has outsourced the Call Center system to handle customers’ feedback on hardware, or Samsung is willing to outsource business processes in some projects in order to focus more human resources on the critical stages.

The reason why this kind of model is applied popularly due to its outstanding advantages compared to hiring full-time personnel who are responsible for that part of the job.


The advantages of rent of staff service

·To save much costs of recruitment, operation and management.

·To gather up human sources that take charge of critical activities and raise competitive capacity.

·To reduce businesses’ risks.

·To avoid general activities interruption as emergency arises.

·Outsourced staff have deep knowledge and much experience in the field that they have been trained.

·The structure of business has become compact, flexible and easy to adapt itself to circumstances.

·An effective solution for businesses having fluctuations in human resources due to different projects.

One of the most standing advantages of staff outsourcing is Cost


Facing the current changes of the economy, needless to say, the demand for staffing services will increase. How to have a clever and effective human resource, what should you keep in mind when outsourcing?

What notes are for high-quality staff outsourcing?


How to possess high-quality staff?

Below notes need to be bear in mind:

·To find out carefully staffing companies: is it well-known? Does it have effective recruiting processes? How can they manage human resources?

·The clearer requirements and negotiations are, the more effective service is.

·It requires compulsory rules and quality as operating work.

·Business needs to actively manage and constantly test the speed of the working process to handle timely any potential risk.

Staffing service is popular, however, businesses need to be careful to choose reputable service providers that will help businesses recruit quality personnel, contributing to business performance.
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